Top 10 Jerseys In NHL History

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Jerseys are very important in sports. They make up the teams identity, help fans cheer on their team and in some cases, they become important symbols for the city they represent.

The NHL has seen all kinds of jerseys in it’s 102 year history. Some just don’t look good, others are so ridiculous they have become endearing to fans. Today, we will look at the ten best jerseys the NHL has had to offer.

Any jersey that has been worn in at least one official NHL game is eligible for this list. So none of those “blacked out” fashion jerseys you’d see in stores will be featured…no matter how nice some of those looked.

Lets Begin!

10. Minnesota North Stars: 1988/89-1990/91 Road Jersey

The Minnesota North Stars start off this list with these classic threads. This is one of the later styles in their history, but it is their best looking.

Let’s start with the colors. The previous jerseys worn by the North Stars didn’t have the black stripes in the jersey. It still looked good, but adding the black makes the whole jersey pop. It also makes it much easier on the eyes.

The logo on the jersey is also a classic. Its simple, but works very well. The yellow drop shadow on the logo helps make the logo stand out. It also looks very nice with the green. It’s also very consistent with how the numbers are styled on the back and the arms.

9. Winnipeg Jets: 1990/91-1995/96 Road Jersey

sticking with jerseys from the 80’s and 90’s, let’s talk about the final jersey worn by the first installment of the Winnipeg Jets.

What’s not to like about this jersey? The blue and while with some red pipping is a classic color combo and looks very sharp.

The style is very simple, but sometimes, a little is a lot, and this jersey is a prime example of that. The logo on this jersey is also a classic, which surely brings back many memories for people from Winnipeg.

The current Winnipeg Jets should still be wearing these tarps.

8. Buffalo Sabres: 1996/97-2005/06 Dark Jersey

The Goat Head jerseys! Let’s just take a second to look at how nice these threads are. Why did Buffalo ever move on from these? Especially for those slug jerseys.

The logo on the jersey is just perfect. It’s intimidating, fierce and its something that has never been done before. It also perfectly encapsulates the city they represent (because its a Buffalo…get it?).

The style of this jersey is also so different and unique and it actually works! Unlike most hockey teams when they try something new.

The Sabres really need to bring these back. Even just as an Alternate.

7. Quebec Nordiques: 1991/92-1994/95 Road Jersey

Going back to jerseys of teams that no longer exist, no list of best jerseys is complete without these Quebec Nordiques threads making an appearance.

The red logo on a blue jersey with white accents is a simple, yet great color scheme. Blue especially always looks great on ice.

The igloo logo has become iconic for hockey fans and is a great classic look. This jersey also does a great job of representing Quebec by incorporating it’s provincial symbol, the “Fleur de Lis” on the bottom of the bottom of the jersey.

The Colorado Avalanche should highly consider bringing these jerseys back for a game or two.

6. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim: 1995/96-2005/06 Dark Jersey

Up next is the favorite jersey of 90’s born hockey fans everywhere, the original Mighty Ducks jerseys. These threads were made famous before the hockey team even played an NHL game thanks to the now famous movie trilogy.

It may be nostalgia, but these are very nice jerseys and the Anaheim Ducks made the wrong decision moving on from this look.

The Ducks pay homage to this era with an alternate jersey, but nothing beats the original. Please, just listen to the fans and bring these back!

5. Los Angeles Kings: 1992/93-1997/98 Dark Jersey

Coming in at number five are the Los Angeles Kings with this work of art.

Kings fans remember these jerseys very fondly as Wayne Gretzky spent his time in the City of Angels rocking these threads.

What really is there to say about these? It’s near perfection. Black, white and silver always looks good when put together and that Kings logo has now become a symbol of Los Angeles.

The Kings did bring these back as a throwback for the 2019/20 season and the hockey community couldn’t be happier about it.

4. St. Louis Blues: 1995/96-1997-98 Dark Jersey

Another jersey worn by “The Great One,” The St, Louis Blues wore these for only 3 seasons, but it should have been a lot longer.

The blue, red and yellow color scheme works very, very well for this style, especially the red. The red really helps make this jersey pop and is what makes it so iconic.

Sticking with the music theme, the yellow stripes form a staff and it adds another very cool element to this jersey. The numbers on this jersey are also very unique as they move along with the design.

The Blues brought this jersey back for the 2019/20 season as a throwback, but it should have never left.

3. Phoenix Coyotes: 1996/97-2002/03 Dark Jersey

Starting off the top three, we have the Phoenix Coyotes “kachina” jerseys.

What a unique jersey this one is. Not only is this jersey very cool, it also perfectly exemplifies the state of Arizona.The pattern on the bottom and arms of the jersey does a great job paying homage to the Native American population of the state.

The 2-D depiction of a coyote playing hockey and in a goalie mask is also one of the best logo’s of all time. So Iconic.

The now Arizona Coyotes now have this as a third jersey, paying homage to their roots.

2. Vancouver Canucks: 1992/93-1996/97 Dark Jersey

The Vancouver Canucks come in at number two on this list with their skate jerseys from the ’90s. Man, are these a big improvement on the previous “Flying V” jerseys.

The logo on this jersey is nothing short of epic. The skate with “Canucks” written where the blade should be is now iconic and a favorite among hockey fans.

The black jersey with red and yellow striping is just a perfect color combination and makes for the perfect jersey.

The Canucks brought this back to celebrate their 50th anniversary for the 2010/20 season.

1. Hartford Whalers: 1985/86-1991/92 Dark Jersey

The best jersey in the history of the NHL belongs to the Hartford Whalers.

Words cannot do this jersey justice. It is just that nice of a jersey, plain and simple.

The white and blue stripping along with the green jersey is a classic color combination and one that hockey fans will continue to love for years to come.

The Whalers also form one of the best logo’s to ever feature in sports. The ‘W’ with the tail coming out of it to form an “H” is iconic and will live on forever.

The Carolina Hurricanes have worn these in two games during the 2018/19 season to pay homage to their roots.

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