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XFL Suspended Operations Due to COVID-19

XFL fans got the news they were hoping not to hear. ESPN’s Field Yates reported that during a conference call with COO Jeffery Pollock, he told employees the league has suspended operations and they were being laid off. The league currently has no plans to return in 2021.

The news comes in the wake of COVID-19 affecting many businesses around the world. Last month, the XFL announced they were canceling the rest of the 2020 season because of the spread of the virus. The league did announce after the cancelation news that they would return for a 2021 season.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon announced in 2018 that he would reboot the XFL in 2020 after the league folded in 2001. The league added eight new and started play the week after the Super Bowl. Attendance and ratings were doing well through five weeks before the league had to cancel the rest of the season.

The Future of the XFL

Most people would assume with this news that it will mean the end of the XFL. The keynote in the message given by Pollock was it “suspended” operations. This leaves the door open for the opportunity the league resumes operations at a later date.

No doubt the financial hit the XFL took had a lot to do with the league having to suspend operations. The move can be seen as a benefit of the future of the company as they will try to save money for a year or two down the road.

It’s unfortunate as the sports world has seen many leagues take financial hits. The world has seen it in everyday life with many people losing their jobs and companies folding because of COVID-19. Despite all that, there is hope that everyone will come out stronger when everyone gets through it. The XFL certainly hopes to do the same.

Last season got off to a stronger start than most people thought. The play on the field was better than the previously folded AAF. Adding the fact that TV ratings and attendance were stronger than the AAF showcased last year. The future was looking bright for the league. McMahon must decide if it is worth it to continue. XFL fans are bracing for the best.

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