What if the Cincinnati Bengals pass on Joe Burrow

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What if the Cincinnati Bengals pass on Joe Burrow? Well it will not be a popular decision amongst the fans, but it is something to look into. Fans keep hearing that Burrow only had one fabulous season and that’s it. It was a legendary season but his other seasons were mediocre. The Bengals are needing a jump start to an organization in rebuilding stages. The best way is to partner with a team in a trade that has a lot of draft capital. The Miami Dolphins have three first round picks and two more in 2021. This is what happens with that trade.

The trade

With the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft the Cincinnati Bengals elect to trade with the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins trade all five first round picks for their franchise quarterback Joe Burrow. This will give the Bengals a lot more security due to the fact they need a faster rebuild. Now they have three first round picks to get three elite NFL ready players to fill their needs.

What if the Cincinnati Bengals don’t pick a quarterback first?

This is another unpopular decision by fans since they know they need a quarterback. At the fifth pick the Bengals need to go with best available which is linebacker Isaiah Simmons. Why did the New York Giants not pick him? They have been needing to address their offensive line for years.

What if the Cincinnati Bengals selected Isaiah Simmons.

Isaiah Simmons is a freak of nature. For his freakish build he is one of the fastest linebackers you will see. He covers an extreme amount of space and his coverage skills are not what the Bengals are used to. The Bengals will likely use him as a linebacker/safety hybrid due to his coverage skills. He can also be used as a OLB due to his speed and his run stopping abilities.

What if the Cincinnati Bengals trade up

The Cincinnati Bengals next selection would be pick 18 due to the trade with the Dolphins. The Bengals need to get out in front of the Los Vegas Raiders at 16 because they will want a quarterback. At this point the teams have been taking offensive linemen and wide receivers which are a heavy need.The Cincinnati Bengals decide to trade up for the Denver Broncos 15th pick. The Bengals trade their 26th pick and their 3rd to move up.

The Bengals select quarterback Jordan Love. Yes this is another move a casual fan would not understand. The reason for taking Jordan Love is due to one of the biggest ceilings in the whole entire draft. He has the tools to be a great quarterback but he will need to learn. This could be a great way to keep Andy Dalton as a bridge to a quarterback with a incredible upside and learning curve.

The Cincinnati Bengals final selection

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – DECEMBER 07: K’Lavon Chaisson #18 of the LSU Tigers reacts in the first half against the Georgia Bulldogs during the SEC Championship game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 07, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The Bengals select defensive end K’Lavon Chaisson. With this 18th pick the Bengals can solidify that defensive line for years to come. They did sign DJ Reader but also having more depth to a dominant defensive line is key to the future.

In conclusion

This whole mock draft with this trade most likely won’t happen but if it did this will complete the defensive rebuild. They will have a quarterback with the potential upside that Patrick Mahomes had possessed. They will keep their 2nd round pick for offensive line due to another need. Of course all drafts are played by chance. You never know what you will get till your time is up.

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