2020 NFL Divisional All-Star Team: NFC West Edition

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When talking about which division in the National Football League is the best, the NFC West is an honorable mention for the top spot. Today we will be creating the best possible roster with players from the NFC West. This roster will include the best talent offensively, defensively, and on special teams. Without further ado, here are your 2020 NFL Divisional All-Stars: NFC West Edition.


So you can see, this offense would be borderline unstoppable giving Wilson a plethora of weapons. However, the one problem with this division is the lack of offensive line talent.


Similarly, the defense is just as elite as the offense. Quarterbacks and running backs would not succeed against this team due to great pressure upfront and excellent coverage in the middle. Moreover, this secondary is an absolute no-fly-zone, especially at the cornerback position.

Special Teams:

The special teams aren’t too special but could get the job done. This team would thrive with the superstars on both offense and defense. On the other side of the ball, the defense is loaded with talent at every position. While there is not much talent on the offensive line, this team could be crowned as the best divisional team.

NFC West Prediction:

Among other divisions in the NFL, the NFC West appears to many as the toughest. In addition, the newly expanded playoffs were put in to place for next season. Previously, the number of teams that made it was 12, which is now changed to 14. This will give the teams with impressive seasons in tough divisions an equal shot at competing for a Super Bowl. I do see three of the four teams making the playoffs in my predictions below for the NFC West:

  • San Francisco 49ers: 12-4-0
  • Arizona Cardinals: 10-6-0
  • Seattle Seahawks: 9-7-0
  • Los Angeles Rams: 7-9-0

Obviously, the draft still awaits, and this prediction could be far off. But, this could be an accurate representation of what the NFC West will look like in the 2020 season. Now we just hope to get a season.

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