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Christian McCaffrey Signs Record Extension

Christian Mccaffrey is the Highest paid back in NFL history. The Carolina Panthers have locked up their offensive centerpiece, Christian Mccaffrey, for the next four years. The 23-year old running back is now the highest-paid running back in NFL history, according to Adam Schefter.

Schefter would then confirm the move in a tweet.

Christian Mccaffrey will be in Carolina for the next four years

This move is a precedent for future offensive contracts. This means a player dubbed a “weapon,” meaning any player who is an elite talent but does not fit a positional mold. Mccaffrey is the definition of a “weapon” type player. He is the biggest receiving and rushing threat on the field.

The type of payday he received is absurd, for a running back, but Christian Mccaffrey is not just a running back. He is the first player in league history to record 2500 yards rushing and receiving in his first three seasons.

Mccaffrey is the next evolution of skill position player, one who does not just excel at one position, and his pay reflects that. He is the first of many players who will fit this mold, but also the best. He is getting paid to be a threat; however, the Panthers choose to give him the ball.

This is a market-setting move for the league for offensive weapons, with the next star that could come close to topping him being Saquon Barkley. Christian Mccaffrey is an all-time talent coming out of the backfield. His payment being more than that of the highest-paid receiver on the Panthers roster is proof.

Christian Mccaffrey is the future of the league from an offensive standpoint. He is ushering in a new era, and he will be doing so for the Panthers for years to come.

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