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Looking Back at the Greatest UFC Upsets Part I

The bigger the stage, the more pressure is applied. It doesn’t matter if you’re the defending champ or the worthy challenger hungry for the title. The immense pressure being put on the champion to yet again fend off their belt. It’s a challenge that is unique and unlike any other in sports, many of today’s fighters are feeling the pressure more than ever. Which brings us to the biggest UFC upset in its history to this date. Taking a look at the rest of the top 5, it’s not even that close. Georges St. Pierre quickly rose up the welterweight rankings, however, then lost his first championship bout to Matt Hughes. 

Greatest UFC Upsets

After the loss, GSP went on a tear, winning five consecutive bouts and then later redeemed his loss with a KO victory against Hughes. His reign as champion was predicted to be long and prosperous, especially since overcoming Hughes. His first challenger as champion, however, would have different plans. Matt Serra, the top welterweight contender at the time, was the next in line for a title fight. Welcoming GSP as champion for the first time wasn’t going to be an easy task. However, “The Terror” was able to make history against arguably the greatest ever in the UFC.

Greatest UFC Upsets

UFC 69: Shootout: St. Pierre vs Serra

April 7, 2007, the day that Matt Serra scheduled his date with history, in this wowing upset. To say the odds weren’t in favor of Serra would serve as the understatement of the year. Everyone was expecting this to be the day that GSP would begin his title reign. Serra would soon throw a devastating wrench into all of this, and in quick fashion. Inside the first round, Serra showcased his much-improved boxing against the all-around star. He landed a huge shot that stunned GSP along with the world as the crowd stood up in shock. 

Serra smelled blood in the water and quickly rained down elbows and punches. This didn’t allow GSP to recover and ultimately ended the fight. Serra was able to dish out enough punishment for Big John McCarthy to call an end to the night. The win came as a staggering shock to many, just look at the face of Serra even.

Greatest UFC Upsets

Clear Cut Favorite

Georges St. Pierre vs Matt Serra was the obvious choice in winning the greatest UFC upset. Not only by the fact he won, but how Serra was able to win. GSP is known for being an all-around mixed martial artist, possibly the first-ever balanced star the UFC has seen. Knocking him out was a rigorous challenge all itself, much less doing so in the first round. The great determination and heart of Matt Serra shined throughout the short title fight. He pulled it all together and put together the best outing of his career, to etch his name in the history books of MMA.

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Greatest UFC Upsets

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