Wide Receivers the Bears Can Still Target Via Free Agency

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There are a lot of mixed reviews regarding the wide receivers currently on the Chicago Bears. Some people say that their roster is very deep and it doesn’t need much work. Others say the only good Bears’ wide receiver is Allen Robinson. It is in agreement though that the Bears are lacking one type of wide receiver: a speed ‘X’ wide receiver. The Bears have no one on the roster currently that can truly burn a defense and take the top off of a defense as a deep threat. Last year, the Bears had Taylor Gabriel to do that, but he was released after having an off-year and taking up too much cap space.

There are still a few guys on the market that can play this role well and won’t take up too much cap space. This also gives the Bears a good chance to target other positions of need in the draft. Here are a few wide receivers the Bears can still target via free agency.

Paul Richardson

Paul Richardson started his career in Seattle and balled out on a contract year. That earned him a generous deal to the Washington Redskins. That didn’t pan out for him. After just two seasons with them, he accumulated just 507 receiving yards total struggling with injuries to the shoulder, hamstring, and knee. Richardson is a solid deep threat receiver that tried to become a number one in Washington, but that’s not what his role is. Now, he can come into Chicago with Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller and defenses won’t be able to solely put a safety over the top of him. He’s truly meant to be a number two or three in an offense like Taylor Gabriel was to the Bears.

Tavon Austin

Tavon Austin isn’t truly what everyone thought he would be, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a serviceable wide receiver. Austin is the definition of a burner running a 4.34 40 yard dash. He was one of the most fun guys to watch in college football before he entered the NFL. Unfortunately, that didn’t translate. Austin has been around awhile now entering his eighth year in the league which would give the Bears a veteran at wide receiver as well. Austin had two solid seasons for the Rams in which he averaged 55 catches for 491 yards and four touchdowns. Austin also brings to the table another gadget player that Matt Nagy can create some unique plays with. He can make people miss easily and offers punt return ability as well.

Jarius Wright

Jarius Wright isn’t a common name to some NFL fans, but he is a solid overall wide receiver. Wright is another solid deep threat receiver whose production fell off due to quarterback issues this past season in Carolina. Wright is a speed wide receiver who runs a 4.42 40 yard dash. He wouldn’t provide a lot to the team other than his ability to take the top off of a defense and burn a corner, but that’s really all the Bears need right now. He’s also very solid at receiving wide receiver screens and making players miss with his speed and moves.

To Sum Up

It isn’t the end of the world if the Bears draft a wide receiver. This wide receiver class is the deepest its ever been. They need help regardless, but spending high capital on a wide receiver when they already have Anthony Miller and Allen Robinson might not be the best option when they still have other holes to fill like safety, cornerback, offensive guard, and offensive tackle. This would give the wide receivers group on the Bears a true speed receiver. They even can target a speed wide receiver with an undrafted free agent which is Ryan Pace’s bread and butter.

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