Floyd Mayweather’s Weak Chin


Ok, I admit it… The title of this article is a bit clickbait(y). The truth is you could count on one hand the times Floyd Mayweather has been legitimately buzzed by an opponent’s shot in the ring over the course of his 50-fight, 21-year career. But when he DID get clipped, he didn’t always take it all that well.

As a matter of fact, for someone claiming to be “The Best Ever” and regarded by some as pretty darn well unbeatable in his day, Mayweather was, physically, pretty frail.

Frail Mayweather?

Mayweather got hurt by an opponent’s shot on several occasions. He got the rubber lugs, the wide-eyed glare, the flailing arms on at least five occasions (to varying degrees).

DeMarcus Corley, Zab Judah, Shane Mosley, and Marcos Maidana all rocked Mayweather. In all four instances, Mayweather would have to marshal his forces, hold on for dear life, and let the sense slowly flow back to his brain. Against Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather was hit hard and, although he wasn’t seriously buzzed, ¬†one could easily see his discomfort with the speed and weight of the punch.

Floyd Mayweather: The Survivor

To Mayweather’s credit, however, he rode out each of the above storms and managed to regain full control of the contest. That is just a testament to the man’s conditioning and underlying will to win. These things are in-born attributes and not teachable. They are the traits of a champion and a winner.

But, still, for a man who is regarded as, perhaps, the greatest defensive fighter of his generation (and an all-time great in that regard), it’s odd to even see a handful of these types of slip-ups while in (or close to) his prime.

Bernard Hopkins is a defensive master as well and one who had a deep resume over the course of 28 years as a pro. One would be hard-pressed to find as many examples of him getting rocked and buzzed during a fight. Actually, fans didn’t see him affected by any shots at all until the very end of his career when he was already in his 50’s (or near-50’s).

No Shot at Mayweather

None of this is intended to be a shot at Mayweather or an attempt to diminish his legacy in any way. Fighters who fight DO get hit and hurt– even defensive geniuses. Actually, it serves as a testament to his greatness that Mayweather was able to achieve what he achieved and be as dominant as he was while sporting a semi-fragile chin.

Whether that success would’ve held up in past generations, with fighters who were more well-rounded, remains an unanswerable question. One thing is for certain, though. All of those fighters who managed to buzz him during a fight have to be asking themselves– “What if I had pushed just a little bit harder, been slightly more focused?”

In the end, all that matters is that Floyd Mayweather did make it to the career finish line without suffering defeat. And, oh yeah, he made a ton of money along the way.

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