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Getting to Know – Alain Ngalani

44-year-old Alain Ngalani has dedicated his life to Martial Arts. From his first lesson at the age of 6, he has continued to perfect his craft, with devastating power, and the ability to perform a spinning heel kick in the blink of an eye. The man is known as ‘The Panther’ has spent the last couple of years stalking his prey at ONE Championship. I had the fortune recently to talk with Alain about the thing that makes him the man that he is.


Your MMA debut at ONE championship came in 2013 against Hassan where you finished him after 30 seconds with a crazy wheel kick how did that feel, the whole emotional side to making your debut then getting such an early finish?

Alain – That debut in MMA was pretty wicked! I was so excited to get back to fighting let alone fighting in a discipline that was new to me.  I was so pumped up but very calm as well. That was another beautiful moment in my life I’ll remember and be thankful for.

We last saw you in March 2019. Were there plans for a fight this year before the COVID-19 came along. Assuming things go back to normal are we likely to see something by the end of the year?

Alain – I got a call from Chatri in the beginning of the year telling me to prepare myself for the biggest fight of the year and perhaps the biggest fight of my career. (I can’t tell you against who as is not out officially yet) but COVID-19 happened and now I only wish everyone to be safe at this time.

With a background of being a 4-time world champion in Muay Thai and 37 fights in kickboxing which style of fighting is your preference, Muay Thai kickboxing or MMA?

Alain – I wouldn’t say which style of fighting is my preference right now because each style was my preference while at it. Now I’m grateful I’ve got to practice and learn from so many styles and I love how it completes me and makes me so versatile.

Back in 2004, you fought at the prestigious King’s Birthday, a huge event in Thailand and Muay Thai. Can you tell us how it felt taking part in the event?

Alain – The King’s Birthday cup has a reputation of his own. Every Muay Thai fighter who is serious can only dream of participating at the King’s Birthday cup. It was an honour for me and I learned a lot.

You have a background in many martial arts. Starting with judo at 6, you moved on to train in various styles of karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu as well as kickboxing and Muay Thai. What was the reason behind training in so many various arts?

Alain – I’ve trained in so many various arts because I was curious. You could not settle. I was so excited and always wanted more so since my parents started it all by introducing me to martial arts. At the young age of 6, I got hooked.  Collecting black belts and joining various competitions but for me, it never stops. Knowledge never stops.

What do you consider to be the biggest win of your career and is there someone out there you specifically would like to fight?

Alain – I wouldn’t say a specific win is the biggest. They all were big when I won them. One moment wasn’t particularly better than the other. I’m grateful for each win and every moment of joy and satisfaction I got from it . They all gave me incredible thrilled and memories I would forever cherish but I’m not done yet . I’m still planning to make more memories.

During your Career in ONE, you have a reputation for firsts. You held the fastest KO. You were also involved in the promotions 1st ever open weight superfight when you fought La N Sang that must feel pretty special knowing that?

Alain – I’m holding the fastest KO. I like that hahaha..just kidding.
But seriously when I’m concentrated and balance in my life I know I can be a dangerous fighter to anyone. Right now I’m injury-free so happy for what’s ahead.

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