OBJ trade proposal is a win win win situation

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OBJ was not a perfect fit in Cleveland due to the struggles last season. Fans will say, “it’s only been a year.” Although it is customary to let the situation play out with a talent like Odell Beckham Jr., a new situation arose that should make the Browns better.

OBJ linked to a trade proposal

Marc Malusis of WFAN radio first reported this report. This is obvious that has tweet does not sound correct because it should read 2020 second and fifth pick. Nonetheless, this rumor is worth speculating.

Let me explain how this can be a win, win, win scenario. On the morning of April 15th, WFAN radio reported that the Browns and Vikings are in discussion to trade OBJ for a couple of draft picks. The Minnesota Vikings have a winning culture and a team full of weapons that will help OBJ. The Vikings will get the possible missing piece to increase their Superbowl window because it was closing. The Browns could be in the playoff hunt with draft picks due to a draft year filled with talent that they need.

OBJ playing for Cleveland Browns

OBJ was overcompensated

With Odell being an icon for many years, of course, you would find him overcompensated in the Browns offense. The Browns have a very young talented quarterback in Baker Mayfield that desperately needed to make the relationship work. He was forcing passes, throwing into double coverage, and at the end of the day, they blamed Odell. Odell needs to be on a team where the quarterback doesn’t feel the need to throw to him no matter the situation. He needs a veteran quarterback that has a slew of weapons, and that’s where Minnesota fits in for him.

All in all, the chaos string needs to be broken. When Odell was at LSU, there were no problems. When he was with the New York Giants, there wasn’t much of an issue till the Giants got rid of Tom Coughlin. Then he got traded to the Browns, where they had a problem with Freddie Kitchens.

With the Vikings, OBJ will be with an organization with great culture, strong front office, and excellent stability with a Superbowl window. They have a veteran coach, a veteran quarterback, a great running back, and a quarterback with several throwing options. They even have an upgraded offensive line, so how can Odell Beckham Jr. go wrong.

A win for the Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are in a very competitive division. The division is packed with defensive power. With the loss of Diggs, this organization is one talent away from a Superbowl contender. Odell is a generational talent that can take over that role as he enters his prime years.

This would be huge for the Browns

The Cleveland Browns don’t have a window till they solve their situation with Baker Mayfield. Yes, he has talent all around him, but they are forcing OBJ to work. The fit isn’t near what they hoped it would be.

Baker Mayfield has plenty of talent if this trade happens. He has one of the best two TE sets in the game and has a top-five running back tandem. They have Jarvis Landry as their star receiver, and now this NFL draft has the most in-depth wide receiver class in decades. With their tenth pick, they will still go for an offensive tackle, but then with the extra picks from this trade, get a wide receiver. This will open up the playoff window again, help Baker Mayfield, and save vast amounts of money in the process.


This proposal is a win, win, win, but these are only talks and are not even close to getting done. This is a win for Odell Beckham Jr. because it proves structure, and he thrives on that. The Minnesota Vikings win because they are in a SuperBowl window with the need of another star playmaker. Finally, this is a win for the Cleveland Browns because they need Baker Mayfield on track again. OBJ has been nothing but a distraction for him due to overcompensating his talent.

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