Why MLB Needs To Cancel The 2020 Season

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Having baseball back would make countless fans happy. It would bring a sense of joy and normalcy to a world running short on both. Numerous plans have been proposed. From having all games played in Arizona/Florida to even holding the season in Japan. One thing all these proposals have in common is that they will take an enormous amount of resources. At a time when precious resources are very limited baseball should not be the entity that they go to. If having a season means taking personal protective equipment is taken from the healthcare workers on the front lines, then MLB needs to cancel the 2020 season.

Former commissioner Bud Selig once called baseball a “social institution”. That designation is tarnished if one player contracts or brings COVID-19 to someone who otherwise would not have been infected. Save baseball’s name, save it’s reputation and most importantly save lives. This article will delve into why MLB needs to cancel the 2020 season.

Limited Resources

Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers in general are working without the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) everyday to treat coronavirus patients. Story after story there are hospital workers using trash bags, and homemade masks due to lack of resources. Because of this lack of resources these selfless godsends are contracting, and in some cases dying from this horrible virus. They deserve this valuable PPE more than anyone else. That includes anyone who may need it to get the 2020 MLB season running.

It is not only players who would need to be protected. Hotel workers, security, food workers, drivers, and anyone else who would be employed in a makeshift 2020 season would also need PPE. These potential employees would need to be protected in order to prevent them from contracting COVID-19. This would mean taking scarce PPE from essential healthcare workers which would be objectively wrong. And even then there is no guarantee that baseball employees won’t be infected. The best way to avoid infection is to avoid exposure. The only way MLB can be sure no one will be infected in service of a baseball season is to not have a baseball season during a pandemic.

Cancel The 2020 Season: Unnecessary Testing

Not only would a 2020 season require taking precious PPE from those who need it most, but it would also require COVID-19 tests. And a lot of them. The plans to start the season demands testing the players regularly. There are about 780 players in MLB, and that’s not including minor league players. That means taking thousands of tests at a time when those on the front lines need them most. As great as it would be to have baseball back, the world can go without it. Baseball players have a choice.

Grocery store workers, warehouse workers, restaurant workers, and many more essential employees don’t have a choice. The world needs them right now more than ever. Testing is the only way to reassure them they are safe at work. As soon as wide-spread testing is available it should go to those who are necessary when it comes to keeping the world running. Baseball players bring a lot of things to fans, but they don’t bring anything anyone actually needs. Sports are a luxury. Professional athletes are a luxury. Essential workers are just that, essential. Because of this distinction, they deserve tests over anyone in MLB.

Cancel The 2020 Season: Necessary Testing

Coronavirus testing should go to those who get sick in the course of necessary duty. If a ball player starts feeling sick and requires a test, that situation could have been avoided. If a warehouse worker starts feeling symptoms and needs a test, that could not have been avoided. Warehouse workers are integral parts of the supply chain. The supply chain needs to stay running to keep grocery stores and restaurants stocked. In short, the supply chain keeps the world fed. Baseball may fill fans with with joy, but warehouse workers fill people’s stomachs.

Amazon workers, and fast food employees have already staged walk outs due to lack of protection. Warehouse workers as a whole do not feel safe in their current work conditions. Testing will alleviate a lot of their concerns. If essential employees are tested and only those who test negative are allowed to work, then that would bring them peace of mind. It would stop more potential strikes and walk outs. It would help keep the world turning.

If baseball starts up and those frontline workers are short changed on testing, they are short changed on peace of mind. They can’t be sure that the person next to them won’t infect them. They can’t be sure that they aren’t going home and spreading that infection to their loved ones. Baseball should not come at the expense of the supply chain. Baseball should not come at the expense of essential worker’s lives or the lives of their families.

Cancel The 2020 Season: On The Right Side Of History

When Jackie Robinson played his first game in 1947 MLB was seen ahead of its time. Before any American institution was integrated baseball showed the world that segregation was wrong. MLB has another chance to do the right thing. Of course everyone wants to see their favorite teams take the field as soon as possible. But that is not as important as helping everyone effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Every proposed plan to have a 2020 season falls apart if players start testing positive. Not to mention what it would do to baseball as whole if someone died because the league couldn’t just wait.

Dealing with this pandemic calls on everyone to make sacrifices. This is why MLB needs to cancel the 2020 season. Not only for those most at risk, but for those putting themselves on the frontline. Sacrifice means canceling the 2020 season. Baseball should not come at the cost of putting essential workers even more at risk. The nation may want baseball back. But the nation needs doctors, nurses, pharmacists, grocery store clerks, warehouse employees and all the other essential workers to fight this virus.

Baseball deserves to be played right. That means being played honestly and with a clear conscious. That can’t happen if players are constantly worried they might be infecting each other. Baseball can’t give joy to the nation if it’s taking away precious resources from the frontline. Canceling the 2020 season is a hard decision to make; but it’s the right one. This will not only save lives, but it will preserve baseball’s place as America’s greatest pastime.

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