Three Trade-Back Scenarios for the Carolina Panthers

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The Carolina Panthers are in one of the best positions possible in the NFL Draft. They do not have to move up in the draft to snag an all-pro talent on the defensive side of the ball. This is good because they do not have the capital to make a move like that. If the Panthers do move away from the number seven overall pick, they will be moving back. They could do this to get more picks for a roster that desperately needs an infusion of talent.

There will be no shortage of suitors for the Panthers either. Rumor has it that the Eagles may try to attain Carolina’s pick to draft their guy CeeDee Lamb, according to a tweet from Joe Tordy.

Most Likely: Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles seem like the most likely suitor to move up, as they want to get the guy that they view as the number one receiver in this year’s draft. A simple pick swap would not work either, as the jump from number 21 to seventh overall is a massive gap to cover. This being the case, a player would most likely need to be involved.

What a Trade Could Look Like:

Carolina Receives:

  • 21st overall pick
  • 2021 first-round pick
  • third-fourth round pick
  • Cornerback Sidney Jones

Philadelphia Receives:

  • seventh overall pick
  • sixth round pick (187 overall)

Why It Works:

This is likely the best offer the Carolina Panthers will get. No team is as desperately trying to trade up from as far a gap as the eagles. if this is the offer they should jump all over it, as there will still be difference makers at the 21st overall pick.

Could happen: Las Vegas Raiders

Jon Gruden is looking to land a young stud receiver as well. This is a better immediate solution as the Panthers can land two immediate difference makers on their defense in the first round.

What the Trade Could Look Like:

Carolina Receives:

  • 12th overall pick
  • 19th overall pick
  • third round pick (91st overall)

Las Vegas Receives:

  • Seventh overall pick
  • sixth rounder (184th overall)

Why It Works:

This allows the Raiders and Panthers to address major concerns with Carolina attaining more draft capital to fill holes on the defense, and Las vegas adding a receiving threat to the offense.

Long shot: San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers traded for an additional first-round pick from the Colts this offseason, and need help desperately along the defensive front. The potential addition of Derrick Brown may be too good to pass up.

What the Trade Could Look Like:

Carolina Receives:

  • 13th overall pick
  • 31st overall pick
  • Edge defender Dee ford

San Francisco Receives:

  • seventh overall pick
  • fourth-round pick (113th)
  • Receiver Curtis Samuel

Why it works:

San Francisco signed Ford to a massive contract extension prior to the season, only for him to provide six and a half sacks in 11 games. In this scenario, The Forty-Niners add a talented young receiver to their offense, while Carolina adds a solid veteran to run alongside Brian Burns. Carolina adds an additional pick in the first round, while San Francisco moves up to add a premier talent to the trenches.

Honorable Mention: Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta will try to trade up, just not with Carolina. The two division will not be doing business for the seventh overall pick, but here is a scenario just for fun.

What a Trade Could Look Like:

Carolina Receives:

  • the number 16, 47, and 78th overall pick
  • Mercedes-Benz stadium
  • Trae Young
  • Julio Jones
  • Grady jarret
  • The Atlanta Braves relocated to Charlotte

Atlanta receives:

  • seventh overall pick

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