Malignaggi Blasts Pacquiao: “Fans, Media Love Guys On Steroids”


Former two-division world champ Paulie Malignaggi blasted multi-division world champ Manny Pacquiao, in a recent video interview posted at

The former champ, who has always cast aspersions on the Filipino Icon’s career, went all-in this time around, holding nothing back as someone who is now, as he claims, out of the sport entirely. The Brooklyn native would point out Pacquiao’s insane longevity. Signaling to the fact that Pacquiao was world champ when he first started learning the sport and is still world champ years after he retired.

Malignaggi’s Claim

“Yeah, I’ve always asserted that [Pacquiao was using PEDs],” Malignaggi said. I’ll give it to you the best way I can…I learned to box, I fought my entire amateur career, came up the ladder, turned professional, came up and down the professional boxing world as well, had a 16-year boxing career in the professional ranks, and then retired like a normal human being…Manny Pacquiao, when I started, was a world champion, Manny Pacquiao, when I ended it, was a world champion. Manny Pacquiao, today, is a world champion…Are we living in fairy tales? Does this guy not age? Aging is human… I was a young man, a teenager, maturing into my man body, I grew up, I fought professionally, I eventually passed my prime…[then] I was done…and this guy’s still on a championship level…The fans of boxing, the media in boxing, love this sh*t. They love guys being on steroids.”

Casting Doubt

Obviously, Malignaggi is claiming that the extraordinarily long and productive 25-year professional career of Manny Pacquiao has a lot to do with trickery and flat-out cheating. The reality is that boxing history is not exactly littered with fighters whose world championship-level runs span 22 years, as Manny’s does.

Up until fairly recently, fighters experienced short career spans. Most saw rapid declines in their early-to-mid-30’s. Almost all were completely done by their late 30’s. These days, however, many fighters remain in their physical primes well into their late 30’s. Pacquiao, specifically, is still a top 3 fighter in the welterweight division at 41-years of age and shows no real signs of slowing down all that much.

Malignaggi Accuses Most

In that same interview, Malignaggi would assert that the sport is especially dirty with PEDs these days and that the fans and media don’t really care about cleaning things up.

“As far as the percentage of guys doing it? I think a high percentage do it,” Malignaggi added. ” I also think that guys who don’t want to do it are doing it because they realize what they’re up against, if they don’t do it, they get left behind.”

Does Malignaggi have a point in signaling to Pacquiao’s career longevity as proof positive of doping? Or is Manny Pacquiao’s career simply an exceptional run by an exceptional once-in-a-lifetime athlete? You fans be the judge of that and feel free to leave your relevant comments below.

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  1. If fans and many boxers do not want to clean the boxing commumity as what Malignaggi mentioned then why his boss, Mayweather, tried to clean the boxing world in his fight against the Living Legend Pacquiao?

    And then eventually, Mayweather was the one who used PED (illegal IV injection) when he fought Pacquiao?! That is what US media said. Mayweather used illegal Intravenous injection!

    I thought he wanted to clean it?

    If Pacquiao is a phenominal boxer, Paulie is a phenominal mor*n. Because he is attacking his Boss Mayweather.

  2. mallinagi who? ah! a showboat on d ring more of a dancer than a boxer, who’s more of a blabbermouth than a boxer. SHUT UP you comedian.

  3. Malignaggi was just so jealous to the accomplishment of others like Pacquiao.. Now he wants to catch attention by maligning the person..

  4. There is a really great fighter that will come out once in a while and he is Manny a Pacquiao. Malignaggi is just a mediocre fighter with full of envy towards him.

  5. So this issue will never end…accusing someone of doping…Paulie Malignagi you are of pure jealousy to Pacman…you sound
    Quack quack quack.

  6. This feather-fisted boxer has always been envious of Manny since day one. He has offered himself as an opponent of Pacquiao inside the squared ring in the past to earn megabucks for himself, but was denied of the opportunity simply for not having an impressive resume required for a PPV offering; a spurned suitor,so to speak. Let this fool run his mouth no end, and die of envy,nobody cares

  7. If his fists were as fast and heavy as his mouth, he would have done well in the squared ring. Too bad because inside or outside of the ring, he’s just a very ordinary, unexceptional, forgettable, jealous fighter..tsk tsk..

  8. but malignaggi has always been a cry baby. he’s craving for attention. not being careful with words even when he’s got nothing to substantiate his claims. all merely speculation in malignaggi’s emotional level. btw, other columnists who’ve reported on malignaggi’s claims have mentioned that pacquiao has never tested positive in any PEDs test. Like NEVER. So, would it be wise for malignaggi to say these things? of course, if you’re asking for ATTENTION. will somebody just give this guy some love. and a handful of money to go with it ‘coz he seems to be running out of it. so he would go back to his seat until he runs out again.

    • Literally a statement coming from dumb ass ,.. someone cn beat the system once or twice but peds on its own it going to ruin your own physiology overtime diminishing longevity earliest than expected… without it, athletic physique heals naturally, adapts to recurring wear.and tear and bounce back even stronger …

  9. This writer just want to have many hits on his article thats why he keep posting this nonsense from Malignagi, He keep talking about that many many many years ago, yet all this commentator still doing the same shit making non sense comments as well. Pacquaio is not on Dope, He is an extraordinary human being. Thats it. No more. Nada!

  10. Don’t compare yourself to Manny Pacquiao.he is healthy even he’s a 40 yr old guy.he can box.and he can knock out a younger boxer like you.but you don’t have nothing to prove.your retired without accomplishment.

  11. Pacquiao is the most honest, humble, god- fearing,and hardest working boxer I’ve ever known. He’s a gifted human being for lasting this long in boxing. He’s also blessed because he shares his fortune to a lot of people. The world needs more people like Pacquiao.

  12. I sense some bitterness and envy. I’m assuming he wanted to fight Pacquiao at one time but never was accepted to fight the living legend Pac-Man Pacquiao.

  13. A Filipino witch doctor going to put a evil curse to PM for accusing Manny Pacquiao using PEDs. PM will be involved in a tragic car accident within this year. He will dies beyond recognition from this accident! Please someone relay this message to PM asap! This is not a joke. It will definitely happens! No pity on this vicious jealous guy (PM).

  14. Envious , you were beaten by the man knocked out cold by Manny before 2nd round ended . Pity a low class fighter who knows peds but not reaally because like you those using it can’t last long , their health gets bad as they age , that’s the payment for abusing your own body because of that . Manny takes care of his health and so enjoys it til now .

  15. Actually using PEDs is not that simple. PED in order for it to have desirable effects in ones body it requires very sophisticated steps and procedures. And besides that, after the desired effects are achieved, PEDs produces a lot of tremendous negative side effects in one’s health and body.

    In the case of Manny Pacquiao, even in the age of 41, he’s perfectly fit and healthy. This only proves that Pacquiao experiences no any side effects with the regards of his health and body. It is clearly seen in his last few fights and even in his personal life. Had he had been ill, he would have long retired, because that is what PED abusers experiences, retiring at an early age because of the side effects. But Pacquiao, still, didn’t because he’s perfectly healthy.

    The fact that there are no side effects in Manny Pacquiao’s health even at the age 41, and is still strong, that alone is a solid evidence that he is not abusing any banned substances. Because had he done so, there would have been so many side effects. But in the case of Manny Pacquiao, there are none.

    So how could someone say that he is using any banned substances? It is clearly seen that all of these are just filthy lies and baseless accusations.

  16. God have mercy on your soul PM! You’re so vain! Pitiful! nothing but pure jealousy! See, when a God-fearing individual, lives in accord with his CREATOR-s will, never says negative things to his opponents in spite of all the trash-talking; in the end, who’s victorious? Can you count? The great George Foreman, live a humble spiritual life, like Manny, fought at the age of 48! Do you think its a coincidence? There’s no coincidence in GOD ALMIGHTY! I will pray for you my lost brother PM! God will enlighten you and lead you to the right path!

  17. Hahaha! This “has-been that nobody remembers” is too jealous of Pac-man. Indirectly, he also accused the likes of Hopkins and Foreman who fought well into their forties. This is a classic example of jealousy at its peak and attention-grabbing to stay relevant at the expense of a celebrity. Good job Paulie Malignaggi Jealousy!

  18. Paula aka Antonio Salieri. Pathetic POS and boxing failure. Unsuccessful even at bare knuckle boxing losing to a mediocre MMA fighter.


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