Mike Trout: The Myth

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Mike Trout is undoubtedly the best player in the MLB. He is known by baseball fans all around the globe. But why isn’t he a household name around the world? Everybody knows names like Cristiano Rinaldo, Lebron James, and Sidney Crosby. Those names will never be forgotten, and neither should Mike Trout.

Mike Trout on The Field

When Trout steps up to the plate, he brings fear to pitchers and excitement to fans. Through nine seasons he has a career batting average of .305 and an on-base percentage of .419. He also brings power to the table mashing 285 home runs with 752 runs batted in. Like at the plate he does his job on the bases swiping 200 bases to the point in his career. During his nine seasons appeared in he has played eight full. In his eight full seasons, he has made eight all-star games, seven Silver Sluggers, one Rookie of The Year, and three MVPs. In his eight full seasons, he never finished outside the top five in MVP voting, including finishing second his rookie season. On the defensive side, Tout is nothing short of exciting. Some days he plays fundamentally and others he is a walking highlight reel.

Marketing Issue

It is no secret the MLB does not market players like the other major sports league. But when you have a generational athlete like Mike Trout the main goal should be getting him out to the world. Sure, it does not help that Trout’s Los Angeles Angels are not regular visitors to the postseason, but he should still be the face of baseball. Even though Trout is not the most outgoing player in the league. As a matter of fact, he could be the most reserved player in the league. But if it will help grow the league’s popularity around the globe, they could convince him to help. In the age of social media, this should not be an issue.

How Mike Trout Can “Save” Baseball

In a generation full of showboating and internet beef there stands a man full of talent that will not partake. Trout is the role model that baseball needs, not just for the young generation of fans but for the young generation of players. He brings integrity and a hard week to the field every day. With his on-field play and marketability, he should be enough to propel ratings for baseball and bring in new fans.

The MLB was given a blessing with Mike Trout but have not been running with it. He is exceptional on the field and the perfect marketing piece. But is not a worldwide name. Trout is a superstar, a role model, and undoubtfully a future Hall of fame member. Trout is not a player that should go down as a “myth” in the sports world.

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