Canucks Greats That Deserve Recognition

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Through Canucks history, there have been many great players, on and off the ice. Many players have not been given the recognition they truly deserve. During the 50th season, fans saw three players who made a big impact on the team get honored. “The Dragon Slayer” Alexandre Burrows was put into the ring of honor. The Sedin twins got their numbers sent high into the rafters. Which Canucks deserve recognition?

Jersey Retirement

Before this gets going, let us get a little disclosure sorted out. This list will not include any retired numbers. This has nothing against the players who already up in the rafters. The Canucks need to slow their roll when it comes to retiring numbers. Yes, the players who are up there were extraordinary players and huge pieces to the community. However, at this rate, the rafters are going to be filled with numbers before Vancouver sees Lord Stanley.

Gino Odjick

It has been almost 20 years since Gino hung up his skates. And yet, fans are still waiting to see him be honored in some way. As an enforcer, he didn’t do much scoring-wise, but he did his job. Protecting his teammates. Over 8 seasons in Vancouver, he saw his fair share in the sin bin, eclipsing 200 penalty minutes in 6 seasons. Gino was a fan-favorite, and still, to this day, you will never hear a fan say anything bad about him. It would be nice for all fans to see him get the recognition deserved, whether it be the Ring of Honor or something around Rogers Arena named after him.

Richard Brodeur

King Richard is arguably a top 3 goalie in Canucks history. He is 3rd all-time in wins for the franchise and he was the starting goalie when the Canucks made their first Stanley Cup appearance. This should be enough for the Canucks to honor him. Brodeur should be in the Ring of Honor already, but since he’s not, Canucks fans should be pushing for it to happen soon.

Roberto Luongo

Some fans love Lou, others do not. However, he is the best goalie the Canucks have ever had. Luo is the only former player that can make an argument to get his number to rafters. Although seeing number one raised soon is a long shot. Some fans do not want him honored in any way, but the fact that the Canucks are still paying him is not his fault, the term given to him is on the Canucks. With that being said, at least give Luongo the credit he deserves and put in the Ring of Honour.

Others Deserving of Recognition

Whether it is the Ring of Honor, a statue somewhere, or anything anywhere there is more players who deserve recognition. Ryan Kesler and Todd Bertuzzi come to mind, but due to various circumstances, the Canucks seem hesitant to honor them. Tony Tanti is another guy that needs some sort of recognition, sitting 6th in the franchise record books for goals. When it comes to heart, no one had more heart than the late Rick Rypien. Rypien is not the type of player to go in the Ring of Honor, but he’s someone most fans would love to see honored in some way.  

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