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Getting to Know – Stamp Fairtex

At 22 years of age, one would think that Stamp has a lot to learn, but with a kickboxing record of 84 fights 63 wins and MMA record of 4 fights 4 wins. Stamp is far from new to this sport.


In 2018 on her ONE Championship debut, Stamp became ONE Championship kickboxing atomweight World Champion defeating Kai Ting Chuang. Stamp followed that up in 2019 by winning the ONE Championship Muay Thai atom weight world championship against Janet Todd. In turn, she became the first ONE Championship two-sport World champion.

I was lucky enough recently to ask Stamp some questions and here what she had to say.


What motivated your to start in MMA?

Stamp – It’s a new and interesting sport. I can use all different types of martial arts and mix it up.

You currently compete in Muay Thai rules, Kickboxing rules and MMA rules. Which style do you rather to compete in and why?

Stamp – I like Muay Thai but I study MMA more and want to fight MMA Because I can use different types of fighting for MMA.

With you currently 1-1 with Janet Todd is there a desire there to finish the trilogy and take back your belt?

Stamp – I want the belt back. I want to fight Janet one more time.

Fairtex gym is such a prestigious gym. What is it like to be part of such a gym? what do you feel that you have learned being part of the facility?

Stamp – I feel good that I came to Fairtex because Fairtex made me famous. I’ve learned a lot here because they have all different types of trainers that help us learn.

If you could currently fight anybody from any promotion who would it be and why? And how do you see that fight going?

Stamp – I am willing to fight anyone. It’s not that I’m really good but when you don’t pick my opponents, and you fight anyone you get experience. Different fighters have different techniques.

At just 22 years of age your still very young in terms of competing what would you like to achieve in the future?

Stamp – I want to be a three belt champion in the sport. With my life I’d like to save money, help with my parents farm, and build a house. A fighter’s life is like hunting dog, you hunt while you are young and then when you are done you don’t have anything else.  This life isn’t stable, there’s ups and downs.

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