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It’s Beginning to Look Like the Eagles are Trading Up

We are just one day away from the highly anticipated 2020 NFL Draft, and it seems like Eagles fans are going to be ecstatic come Thursday night. Since the draft talk has started, Howie Roseman and the Eagles have been begged to move up in the Draft and select one of the top wideouts in the deep 2020 class. It just may happen…

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Rumor Mill

This all started when Joe Tordy reported that Howie was seriously considering a trade that would move the Eagles into position to secure either CeeDee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy early on in Thursday’s first round. He said, “Roseman is in love with Lamb”, and that a prospective trade is totally within the GM’s reason. Now Vin Fosh of thepaintedlines.com has just hit Eagles Twitter with another bomb, one that seems even more practical. He was responsible for breaking the news of both the Phillies’ Bryce Harper signing and most recently, the Joe Girardi hiring. Here is what he had to say:

Man, oh man, does that sound like beautiful music to us Eagles fans’ ears. At this point, it feels like we’d all be willing to ship whatever it takes just to land Carson Wentz a big time target. However, we need to remain practical and realize that a jump to a Top 10 pick will cost the Eagles a lot. Based on our drafting track record, this move would be worth the risk.

Quality Over Quantity

After digging up the information on draft picks since 2010, here what the numbers look like:

I have alluded to the fact that quality is much more important than quantity right now for the Birds. Of the 80 draft picks since 2010, the Eagles had landed just 19 long-term NFL starters, and some of them did not contribute much, if anything, in Philadelphia. A stud receiver in Lamb, Jeudy, or Ruggs is something the Eagles need for multiple reasons, but the biggest is to exemplify their want to surround Carson Wentz with the best supporting cast possible.

If the Eagles were to move up to a Top 10 spot, the interest in providing the best chance for Carson succeed is evident. This early first-round pick would be pretty difficult to mess up. Roseman is a great draft trader over the years, and the 2016 haul with the Browns is a great example.

So Who is the Eagles Partner?

It is very hard to tell who will be the Eagles’ trade partner come draft night. Yet, Fosh believes that it will be the Chargers, who have control of the No. 6 overall pick:

With Quarterbacks Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert slowly dropping on draft boards, the Chargers grab one later than first expected. The Jaguars have also severed their ties with Marqise Lee, and are interested in drafting a wideout with their No. 9 overall pick. I think we are beyond the “smokescreens”, and the Eagles seem like they will be moving up from No. 21 in the draft, lets just hope it isn’t for too hefty of a price.

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to staring at the presumably awful color scheme of Roger Goodell’s basement wallpaper as he announces that the Eagles have traded up and drafted CeeDee Lamb.

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