5 Players Who Would Look Good In Miami

Quarantine has got me thinking. Who are 5 players that would look great alongside Jimmy and Bam as well as others in Miami. This is not just a list of the top 5 players in the league. That would be boring. These are guys I feel fit the Heat’s attitude and culture and embody Heat Nation.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

giannis heat

There have been many rumblings Giannis may not stay in Milwaukee past his contract and would be open to joining Miami, as well as other teams. Let me tell you Miami fans, with open ARMS, will accept him. Giannis alongside Jimmy and Bam would be lethal. Not only are were they all apart of Team Giannis this past all star game but they all drip hard work. They always look to get better and the three of them would wreck havoc down in Miami.

Donovan Mitchell

I wanted him in the 2017 draft and to this day I still want him. Since he came into the league, Donovan Mitchell has proven himself. He has been one of my favorite players and I would love him down in South Beach. On draft night, I was mad when Miami did not get him. However things worked out as we ended up going with rising star Bam Adebyao. A RFA in the 2021 season, I would love to see him in South Beach whether via free agency or trade. And hey, if the situation in Utah gets worse who knows what Pat Riley will do!

Lonzo Ball

lonzo heat

Since before his UCLA days I have been a huge fan of Ball’s game. He took over college basketball while at UCLA at put his talent on display. His passing, his IQ, there is lots to love about his game. His shot hasn’t yet translated to the NBA, but if it does everything else is already there. That year he was drafted was also the year the Heat started 10-31 before ending the season 41-41. So, there was a chance for the Heat to get him in the top 3. However those chances were dwindled by a magical run that embodied the Heat culture of play to win. Still, Lonzo Ball is a guy I would love to see in Miami as he is as true of a point guard they get.

Vernon Carey Jr.

This next guy is not a NBA player, well not just yet at least. The Duke center is a guy I feel could play well in Miami. We saw the downfall of Hassan Whiteside after he got paid in Miami. But, I think Carey Jr. could be that next wonderful center for Miami. And pairing him with Jimmy, Bam, amongst others would be pivotal in his rookie season. Who knows when the NBA draft happens or how it even gets determined, but if Miami has a late 1st rounder (which I expect them to be) and Carey Jr. is still there (some mocks have him going late 1st) I would love to see him down in South Beach.

Payton Pritchard

Could Payton Prichard be another guy the league sleeps on but Miami is wide awake?

Back to college we go. One of Miami’s low points on the team is point guard play. They have had solid input from Dragic and Nunn this year. But, who knows where either will be after this season. Pritchard could be a spark plug for Miami. After watching him lead a 12 seeded Oregon to the sweet-sixteen and minutes away from an elite eight birth, whats not to like? Before the season’s abrupt end he had Oregon as the #13 team in the nation, a ranking as high as 4 and a consistent top 25 team all while averaging over 17 points and 5 assists per game. He won’t be a starter right away as at most he is a late 2nd round pick. However, he would fit right off the bench as a good role player and could be part of the future in South Beach.

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I know it has been a little over a month since by last article, but if you would like to see NBA stars as Marvel characters click here.

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