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Chicago Bears Undrafted Free Agent Targets

The Chicago Bears have selected a total of seven players from the 2020 NFL Draft. They took a tight end, two cornerbacks, edge, wide receiver, and two offensive tackles. Having said that, The Chicago Bears are still going to be going after a lot of undrafted free agents this year. Specifically because of their lack of draft picks the last few years. Now let’s take a look at who their main targets should be with the most upside of all the players that were not lucky enough to get drafted.

Chicago Bears

Undrafted Free Agent Targets

  • Javaris Davis, Cornerback from Auburn.
  • Quartney Davis, Wide Receiver from Texas A&M.
  • Alex Taylor, Offensive Tackle from South Carolina St.
  • Patrick Taylor, Running Back from Memphis.
  • Francis Bernard, Middle Linebacker from Utah.
  • Aaron Fuller, Wide Receiver from Washington.
  • Oluwole Betiku Jr, Edge from Illinois.

Signing these players will bring a lot more talent to Chicago and make for some great camp battles.

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