LA Rams Day Two Pick Grades


Round Two, Pick 52

Cam Akers |RB| Florida State


Cam Akers was a steal at pick 57, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The way the board fell, the Rams had two other options. They could have drafted JK Dobbins–an electric runner but not the pass game specialist that Akers is, or they could have taken 4.39 speedster, Denzel Mims. Judging by the Rams’ next pick, Mims wasn’t their receiver of choice; that made the decision an easy one for Akers. The Rams want to be able to change their backs out for each other without defenses having any clue of our run/pass mix. Akers allows the Rams to seamlessly transition between two all-purpose backs who have elite acceleration and can still grind between the tackles.

Grade: B+

Round Two, Pick 57

Van Jefferson |WR| Florida

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AP News/ John Raoux

This one was a head-scratcher. The Rams already have two receivers with limited long speed and yet still added another. That being said, Van Jefferson is an extremely advanced route runner. Jefferson has no trouble getting off of press coverage and gets open like a pro. He will be an instant starter in the Rams 3 receiver sets, taking the spot of Brandin Cooks. But that is not the role for him. Cooks was a field stretcher who makes the game easier for the other receivers due to his deep speed. Jefferson is not Cooks, his best NFL comp is actually Robert Woods. That’s what made this pick so surprising, especially with Mims still available. Could this possibly be foreshadowing of Cooper Kupp leaving in free agency?

Grade: C-

Round Three, Pick 84

Terrell Lewis |OLB| Alabama

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AP News/ Vasha Hunt

Originally expected to be a second-rounder, the Rams may have found another steal here. The 2020 class of EDGE rushers is spotty, to say it nicely. Lewis has Top-15 athleticism but missed most of 2017 and all of 2018 due to injury. He returned to Alabama in 2019 with 6 sacks and 11.5 tackles for loss. Standing at 6’5 and weighing in at 265 pounds, Lewis is the first person you want off the bus. His quick first step and hand usage are his best traits as a pass-rusher. Lewis needs to develop counter moves because smart offensive lineman gave him fits when they took away his first move. Safe to say, Aaron Donald can teach him a counter move or two. This pick has long term upside but also big risk due to the injury concerns.

Grade: C+

Round Three, Pick 104

Terrell Burgess |FS/CB| Utah


AP News/ Kyusung Gong

This was the Rams’ best pick of the night. Burgess has the ability to not only cover free safety when Taylor Rapp moves to linebacker in certain situations, but he is extremely adept in playing zone as well. In nickel situations, Burgess then moves down to corner to take away the opponents’ slot receiver. Think of him as a better tackling LaMarcus Joyner. Burgess lasting this long has nothing to do with his toughness or versatility, but rather his size and strength. At 5’11 and only 190 pounds, Burgess is on the smaller side for defensive backs in the league today. Size issues aside, this pick was a huge get for the Rams. Burgess allows the Rams to continue becoming multiple with their defensive schemes and provides quality depth.

Grade: A-

Still Left To Do

The team still needs an inside linebacker and offensive line help. The Rams currently have eight offensive linemen with experience, maybe the staff sees something in them that everyone else does not. The offensive line struggled last year and finished 24th overall as a unit. The only reinforcements up front come from players who are returning from major knee injuries. Look for the Rams to possibly pick up more picks, and definitely address the offensive line, on day three.

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