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Manfred Issues Another Slap on the Wrist

Players and fans alike are still seething from the lack of punishment handed down to the Astros for cheating. Now, MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, has issued another slap on the wrist, this time to Alex Cora and the Boston Red Sox.

The investigation into Boston’s cheating was thorough. They interviewed 65 witnesses and combed through tens of thousands of pages of electronic communications. Upon completion, MLB issued a 15-page report, six pages more than the report regarding Houston’s cheating scandal. Somehow, Cora and the R-Sox weren’t punished nearly as bad as the Astros were.

Manfred credited Boston’s front office with making “commendable efforts toward instilling a culture of compliance in the organization.” Manfred also noted that the Red Sox cheating was less egregious than Houston’s – whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

As for the punishment, Boston has lost its second-round pick in this year’s June Draft. Oh boy, big deal. Cora was suspended for the 2020 season, but there’s added insult in that punishment. Cora’s suspension was for his actions while with Houston in 2017. He received no punishment whatsoever for his role as Boston’s manager in 2018, as he piloted the team to `108 wins and a World Series championship. Finally, Boston’s video replay system operator (J.T. Watkins) has been suspended for the 2020 season and may not return to that position in 2021.

Cora should have been banned for life. While embedded in Houston and Boston, Cora’s roles as a bench coach and manager netted a pair of World Series win for cheaters.

Integrity of the Game

If Manfred’s ridiculous rule changes aren’t enough to destroy the game’s integrity, his mishandling of cheating is. Players and managers involved in these schemes got slapped on the wrist, with the ultimate slap in the face being immunity for those who cooperated. These guys are cheaters, period. They need to be banned for life, yet not a single player will miss a game. That, my friends, is an insult.

Sports are supposed to build character in kids. but what message is MLB sending when cheating doesn’t carry a lifetime ban?

Sadly, Manfred thinks he’s taking the necessary steps to draw a new, younger fanbase. The irony is, he’s alienating the deeply entrenched long-time fans while failing to draw the crowd that he desires. MLB cannot rid themselves of this man fast enough.

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