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One Of A Kind: Renee Montgomery

WNBA Champion, Analyst, Actress, Host and Motivational Speaker. These are just a few ways to describe Renee Montgomery. Believe me when I say there is nothing she cannot do. Many people would call her one of a kind. Montgomery is more than athlete. I had the honor to speak with her about her about her off the court interests, her biggest accomplishment as a basketball player, what is the biggest misconception about the WNBA, and more.

What have you been doing during this COVID-19 to keep yourself busy and prepared for your upcoming season?

I have been doing home workouts daily and staying engaged with what’s going on in the sports world. My team has began to talk about starting zoom chats with the team so that everyone can get to know each other.

You wear a lot of different hats, you are more than just an athlete. You are an Actress, Morivational speaker, host of a show, and an Analyst. Talk about all the different things you are interested in, and how do you find time for all of it?

“I’ve had multiple passions since I was young. I always knew I wanted to be some sort of TV entertainer but I also didn’t want to neglect the blessing of basketball. The way I find time for everything is by staying organized, and being efficient with my time. There are days where I don’t get much of a break, but I plan ahead and make sure I get a good night’s rest. For example, a week before we went into quarantine, I had a day that started at 6 AM and ended at 1 AM. I woke up early because I had a photo shoot that was 50 mins away. After the photo shoot, I headed to turner studios to do the NBA TV updates. Following updates, I drive to Gateway Center Arena to call the Skyhawks NBA G League game. After the game, I head to the church gym and play basketball with Mike Reckord’s crew. Post quarantine there’s no way I could do that day again. I’d have to build back up to those long days.”

What makes UCONN so special? You guys have the recruits, a great coach, but why is UCONN consistently great and so dominant every year?

“The culture at UConn is what makes UConn so special. Coach Auriemma and the coaching staff teach us to play together and to play through anything. The No-Excuses mentality has helped me in every aspect of life.”

Talk about your rookies coming in specifically Chennedy Carter Have you spoke to her?

“I actually just had a virtual conversation with Chennedy Carter and my head coach Nicki Colleen for Fox Sports South. It hasn’t released yet but she talked about being excited to come to Atlanta and play for the Dream.”

Hardest player to guard in the WNBA?

“Cappie Poindexter is no longer in the league but she was def one of the hardest people to guard. She can score on all 3 levels so you don’t know what she going to do.”

You have accomplished pretty much everything as a basketball player does any of those moments stand out or what was your favorite moment?

“I have a lot of favorite basketball moments but the ones that stand out to me was winning a championship at UConn as well as the 2 with the Minnesota Lynx. The other memory that means a lot was getting inducted into the Huskies of Honor while still playing at UConn.”

What is the biggest misconception about the WNBA? Why is the Women’s game so disrespected? Do you think there is away the WNBA could make the game more popular? (Televising it more, advertising, etc)

“I think the main problem is that the WNBA needs more exposure as also more brands need to get behind the W. Diana Taurasi recently called out famous women with money asking why they don’t support us and urging that they should. That would be huge for the WNBA to get that type of support and exposure.”

You are going on your 11th season in the WNBA, what is your secret, and what would you tell rookies or younger basketball players that aspire to be a pro and stay a pro?

“I would tell the rookies to control the controllables. Waking up and leaving early is controllable. Your attitude is controllable. Going to bed early and eating right is controllable. If you worry about those things you will keep your mind in the right place.”

Talk about your teams new acquisition Courtney Williams, what will she bring to your team?

“Courtney Williams is a walking bucket. It’s that simple. So her coming to the Dream means instant offense.”

What has Diana Taurasi meant to the game of basketball? On and off?

“Diana Taurasi is what Kobe was to the men’s game. She represents hard work. Dedication. She, like Kobe, has given her life to the game. She’s definitely Goated.”

What was it like playing with Sue Bird

“Playing with Birdy was such a learning experience. Watching how she handled our team when we weren’t winning taught me a lot.”

Whenever you decide to retire from the WNBA what can we expect from you? Would you consider coaching?

“When I retire I plan to continue on with my analyst work as well as pursue being a host more. I’m excited for the rest of my WNBA career as well as seeing what the future holds for post-basketball.”

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