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FOXBORO MA. - SEPTEMBER 8: New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick makes a point on the sidelines during the fourth quarter of the season opener at Gillette Stadium on September 8, 2019 in Foxboro, MA. (Staff Photo By Nancy Lane/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

Andy Dalton or Cam Newton has been a debate for the last couple days. The New England Patriots have linked the two quarterbacks for the starting role. What will be the best course of action for the new Patriots era?

Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton just got released at the beginning of the week. No team wanted to trade for Dalton due to his contract of 17.7 million dollars. The Patriots can conduct their own negotiations although Dalton’s starting market value is set at 25 million dollars.

Andy Dalton

The problem with signing Dalton is simple. The Patriots already signed Brian Hoyer to a contract to backup Jarrett Stidham. Dalton is classified as a glorified Hoyer so why pay triple to have sign him?

Even though the Patriots should not sign Dalton, he is definitely the best fit. Most of Bill Belichick’s offenses have been based around a solid pocket passer. Although Dalton has should mobile skills he is still a much better pocket passer than Cam Newton.

Cam Newton

Cam Newton is the quarterback that has had more success. He has had an MVP season and went to a Superbowl. The mentality of Cam Newton matches the Patriots as a whole. The problem is Cam has been injury prone. Cam has been without a team for about a month and it’s hard to take a chance without a proper physical due to the coronavirus. Cam Newton is projected to make will over 25 million as a starter.

Points of view for Andy Dalton or Cam Newton

Looking at it from both quarterbacks point of view should be the determining factor. Both quarterbacks are starting quarterbacks and they would rather not ride the bench. It would be beneficial to both quarterbacks to decline any offer. The Patriots dont even have 100,000 in cap space so they would only sign for backup money.

Both quarterbacks should ride it out. In this age the NFL is vulnerable to reliability. Quarterbacks get hurt and with these two waiting could land a team in their market value that can finish the season for them.

Andy Dalton or Cam Newton concludes


Neither Andy Dalton or Cam Newton is the best for this organization. Jarrett Stidham was selected last offseason to be the future of the Patriots. They should continue with that plan and have Hoyer as their backup. The Patriots only have 100,000 dollars in cap space so their is no reason to debate. Ride the season out with Stidham, and select to tank for Trevor Lawrence next draft.

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