Why Cole Kmet is the Perfect Fit

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Just a week after the NFL Draft, Bears fans (including myself) are overreacting to the Bears’ draft in both good and bad ways. Many people have said various things regarding the new Chicago Bears’ tight end Cole Kmet who was selected with the 43rd overall pick. Some say even say the Bears wasted a pick on him as he will bust. Others, like his former college coach, said he will rank among some of the great tight ends he has coached like Travis Kelce or Kyle Rudolph. All in all, he’s a Bear now whether we like it or not, and here is how Cole Kmet is the perfect fit for the Bears.

His Ability

Cole Kmet is a great all-around tight end. He has great athletic measures, spectacular receiving ability, and sound blocking that still needs some development. His athletic ability gives the Bears the flexibility to move him around wherever they want. The Bears have already said he is going to be the ‘Y’ tight end which means he is the inline tight end, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be catching passes. Kmet has the ability, both athletically and skills-wise, to become a great tight end in the NFL for years. This tweet sums it up below.

His Opportunity

Not only does Kmet have great ability, but he also has a great opportunity to showcase that ability on the field. The Bears added Jimmy Graham via free agency earlier in the offseason, but he is no threat to his position on the Bears. Graham is expected to be just the receiving tight end, the ‘U’, which is not Kmet’s position as the Bears already said. Kmet will likely compete with veteran Demetrius Harris for the starting ‘Y’ job. Harris has never had a large role, but he is a very solid blocker on the line of scrimmage. His best year he had 224 receiving yards. Kmet has the chance to beat him out and become the starting ‘Y’ for their offense. Behind Harris is the other multiple tight ends the Bears have, which none of them reached 100 receiving yards last season for the Bears.

The Importance of 12 Personnel

The last and final reason Cole Kmet is a perfect fit is how important 12 personnel is to the Chicago Bears. If you want a prime example of how important the 12 personnel is, look at the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles ran out of 12 personnel more than any team in the NFL this past season and use elite tight end Zach Ertz and second tight end Dallas Goedert. These two are vital for the offense as both these guys combined for 146 catches for 1,523 yards and 11 touchdowns. The Bears are trying to build a similar situation using Graham as Ertz and Kmet as Goedert. Obviously, Graham isn’t as good as Ertz, and Kmet remains to be unseen, but having these two tight ends opens up the playbook immensely for the Bears and helps them both in the passing game and the run game.

To Sum Up

A lot of fans may not have liked the Kmet pick at 43, but it happened. Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are trying to build an offense like the Eagles’ offense back in 2017 that seemed unstoppable at times when they used two tight ends in Trey Burton and Ertz. By making this move, this shows how important it was last season to have two good tight ends in the offense. With guys like Jesper Horsted and J.P. Holtz, the Bears couldn’t run out of the personnel groupings they liked completely limiting their offense and Matt Nagy’s bread and butter. With the addition of Kmet, they now have the most important cog of their offense in place. Expect bigger things from the offense this year.

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