Dolphins Are Doubtful to Play a Game in London


The Miami Dolphins had a game scheduled in London as a home game on their regular season schedule.  There is serious doubt that the game will happen because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Dolphins executives and the NFL chief spokesperson did not want to confirm or deny the recent report. Also, the NFL states that all regular season game schedules will release on Saturday, May 9th. They hope the season will still begin on September 10th, even though coronavirus will still be a part of our daily lives. 

“The schedule will come out as normal, but we’re doing reasonable and responsible planning as we always do inside of game operations,” league executive Troy told the Associated Press. 

The Miami Dolphins had a game scheduled to play in London against a team that has not been chosen yet. The Dolphins have played four games in London and two games in Mexico, in team history. The last time the Dolphins played out of the country was in 2018, in London, when they lost to the Saints 20 – 0.

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