Every NBA Teams MVP of the 2010’s Part One

Every NBA team has gone through their fair share of struggles and success over the 2010’s. But there was always that one player that has stood out for their team, and was special to their team. I will be going over these players. Ultimately, the decision was based off how much success they brought to their team, the loyalty they brought to their team, and the attention they brought to their team from the fans. You would call that player the MVP.

Atlanta Hawks MVP: Paul Millsap

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Runner Ups- Joe Johnson, Al Horford

Although Paul Millsap only played 4 seasons with the Hawks, he was the best player for the Hawks in the 2010’s. He was the leading the scorer for 3 seasons; he led Atlanta to the ECF, the deepest the Hawks have been in the playoffs in the 2010’s. Paul was an all-star every season he played with Atlanta. He continued his amazing play in the playoffs, being a solid 15+ ppg scorer in the playoffs, leading Atlanta in scoring almost every year. His best playoff year was 2017 when he went off and put up 24 ppg- 9 rpg- 4.3 apg throughout the playoffs.

Boston Celtics MVP: Isaiah Thomas

Runner ups- Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett

Isaiah Thomas’s success came out of nowhere. He turned a rebuilding Celtics team into a real contender. In 2014 Boston was a 25 win team with Jeff Green as the leading scorer. Then Thomas arrived to put up 19 a game and lead Boston to the 7th seed. Boston unfortunately ended up losing in the first round to Lebron and the Cavs. Isaiah continued his amazing play the in the 2016 season leading his team in scoring and assists, averaging 22 and 6. In the 2017 season Thomas really took off. He led his team in scoring and assists (like usual) averaging 29 and 6. He was a top 5 MVP candidate and took Boston all the way to the ECF. Isaiah seriously improved the Celtics, and he made a big splash in the NBA,

Brooklyn Nets MVP: Brook Lopez

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Runner ups- Deron Williams, D’Angelo Russell

Brook Lopez has been a solid 18 ppg scorer with the Nets for almost all the 2010’s. He stuck with the Nets through the 12 win seasons and the playoff seasons. Brooklyn was one of the least successful teams in the 2010’s, but Lopez has always put up solid stats with great shooting numbers with them. Another stat to add is he led Brooklyn in rebounds almost every year he played there. Although Lopez didn’t see much winning in Brooklyn, he still made a name for himself there. He was one of the best centers in the NBA.

Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats MVP: Kemba Walker

kemba walker charlotte nba all starjpg

Runner Ups- Al Jefferson, Stephen Jackson

This was an easy choice, I mean what else can you say about Kemba? He has managed to become an all-star 3 times with the Hornets. He also led Charlotte in scoring, assists, and steals nearly every year he played there. Walker has taken terrible teams to the playoffs, like in 2016 when he had Nicolas Batum as a second option to the playoffs. Kemba has been a top 5 point guard in the NBA since he has entered his prime and didn’t slow down when he was in a Hornets jersey. Also it’s impossible not to mention Kemba without mentioning loyalty. Walker stayed with the Hornets until his back was against the wall. The front office failed to put any type of a solid team around Kemba for 8 seasons. He had to get out of there and sign with the Celtics.

Chicago Bulls MVP: Derrick Rose

Runner ups- Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler

We all know what happened to D-Rose with the injuries. Let’s talk about what he did pre injuries. He was playing at an elite level with the Bulls. Which grew incredibly obvious when he was awarded the regular season MVP award, the youngest to ever get that award. He led his team in scoring and assists every year before the injuries. He also led his team all the way to the ECF where Chicago ended up losing to one of the best rosters of all time, in Lebron and the Miami Heat. Even after the injures Drose had some amazing moments. In game 3 in the ECSF Rose knocked down an amazing three point bomb to give the Bulls a 2-1 series lead back in 2015.

Part 2 coming soon.

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