Game of Zones Season 7 Episode 2: What You Missed

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Today, Bleacher Report released the second episode of Season 7 for Game of Zones. Game of Zones is known for its creativity and small details, however, many of them go unnoticed when watching. Below I will list some of the small details that you may have missed when watching Game of Zones. If you missed the recap of Episode One click here.

After the recap the episodes starts off with the TNT theme song, which many of us have not heard in a while since the league was suspended.

Paul Pierce is sitting next to Brian Scalabrine and is in a wheelchair. Next to him is a handicap sign. Pierce previously revealed that when he was carried off in a wheelchair during the 2008 finals it was not because of a leg injury (which he previously said it was), but rather he had to go to the bathroom.

The Soul Box

Brian Windhorst opens up a book explaining the history of the soul box. The first two pages talk about the beginning of basketball, where there were only “small, pale and awkward” white men and they took grandma shots and dribbled with their palms. It talks about how Neigh Smith (James Neismith) created the game of basketball. 

The next page talks about a certain battle for land, specifically Milwaukee. Neigh Smith gives his knights, which are nicknamed the “Starting Knights” PEMS (Performance Enhancing Magic), that allowed them to win and take control of the land. The land was Mill of Wauke and it is nicknamed cream city because of the beatdown given.

Once it was seen how dominant the Starting Knights were they were banished from basketball. However, their souls lived on in the soul box and they went on to play other sports. These knights now assume the bodies of Lionel Messi, Michael Phelps, Roger Federer, Derek Jeter and Wayne Gretzky.

The Stern Lord (David Stern) approved Lord Commander K (Coach K) to use the soul box to subdue their egos and rivalries so they could play together on the Dream Team. It was reported that some of the soul box’s energy was drained when trying to control Charles Barkley.

When the horse is brought out, Mark Jackson says his catch phrase Mama there goes that man; but quickly corrects it to horse instead of man.

When Dwyane Wade rolled out Christian Laettner, everyone forgot who Laettner was. After hitting one of the most famous shots in college basketball history and making the Dream Team, Latenner had an irrelevant NBA career.

All League Meeting

When they are holding an all-league meeting to discuss the All-NBA teams, there is the Super Sonics mascot in the back. The Seattle mascot has been running the Pick n Roll inn since the early seasons.

When Adam Silver is reading off the votes and sees there is a vote for Carmelo Anthony he mutters Jesus Shuttlesworth. Jesus Shuttlesworth was played by Ray Allen in the 1998 movie “He Got Game”. He was also referenced in the last episode when Giannis Antetokounmpo was praying to him. It seems as if Jesus Shuttlesworth is the NBA players god.

The biggest surprise of all is that Trae Young has hair!! Trae is known for being partially bald but here he was a full head of hair with great flow.

When Rudy Gobert’s name is called for the All-NBA team, Donovan Mitchell goes to congratulate him and Rudy slaps him in the face. If you have not been living under a rock, you would know that Rudy Gobert was the first NBA player to get Covid-19 and he likely passed it on to Mitchell because of his reckless behavior.

When Chris Paul is selected to the All-NBA team, some of the NBA “diva’s” storm out. This includes Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Carmelo Anthony, DeMarcus Cousins and Russell Westbrook.

When Silver addresses Tacko Fall he is in the back standing next to Robert Williams. However, when they showed Robert Williams earlier, Tacko Fall was not there. Either Tacko just showed up or they forgot that detail.

Bill Simmons who is a die-hard Celtics fan and hates Kyrie, smiles and nods when Irving is left off the team.

Other Details

The All-Realm Starting 5 

Steph | Dame | CP3

Kawhi | Harden

LeBron | Doncic

AD | Tatum

Embiid | Gobert | Jokic

Come back next week to catch the details of next week’s Game of Zones episode!

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