World Lethwei Championship – Introduction


Here we take a deeper look into the brutal sport which we call Lethwei. Lethwei is growing and becoming more popular around the combat world with more and more athletes venturing into the sport yearly. Here, I will share what World Lethwei Championship is doing to the combat sports industry. 

World Lethwei Championship is the leading exporter of Burmese culture to the world, and our show packages the historic traditions of the Burmese martial art of Lethwei with cutting-edge technology in media & entertainment to create a sports-culture showcase. 

Lethwei is popularly known as the art of nine limbs, as punches, elbows, knees and kicks and headbutts are permitted. Competitors also compete with wraps and no gloves. 

World Lethwei Championship is available in Myanmar, Vietnam, France, and Africa through their official broadcast partner Canal+, more than 20 countries through their broadcast partner Fox Sports Asia and internationally on OTT through their deal with UFC Fight Pass. 

World Lethwei Championship started in 2017 and have done 11 events so far, strictly in Myanmar, but with plans to go internationally with shows in the USA, Japan, Thailand, and Cambodia this year, before the current situation shelved some of those plans. The owners are Burmese businessmen who take great pride within the sport and what the plans are for the future of Lethwei.

World Lethwei Championship Brings Some of the World’s Biggest Stars to the Sport

The biggest star in their promotion is the highly-popular Dave Leduc. He is the current Cruiserweight World Champion with his vicious aggressive fighting style. Leduc is the first foreign-born Lethwei Champion, cracking the closed industry a year before World Lethwei Championship was introduced. In 2019, he joined forces with World Lethwei Championship with the goal of promoting the sport globally.

Another huge star under the promotion is Antonio Faria. The soft-spoken Portuguese is the current Light Welterweight World Lethwei Champion. In his Lethwei debut in 2018, he created an instant fight of the year, with a two-round epic brawl against Mite Yine. The video went viral on Facebook with more than 8 million views.

Souris Manfredi is the top female athlete in the organisation. She recorded the first female knockout in the last WLC event. Originally from France and training in Thailand, she is the prime example of the ferocious Lethwei spirit and has quickly endeared herself to Lethwei fans. 

Nicola Barke – The Burmese-British kickboxer is a high-flying banking executive for HSBC in England, but is a professional martial artist as well. She returned along with her mother to Myanmar for the first time last year and made a successful World Lethwei Debut.

Naimjon Tuhtaboyev – Tuhtaboyev is the man who dethroned the King of Lethwei, Too Too. The Uzbek trains out of Tiger Muay Thai and has a decorated career, fighting the best of the best in kickboxing, Lethwei, and Muay Thai. He enjoyed the biggest moment of his career last January, when he dethroned Myanmar’s #1, Too Too, in an epic contest.

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