Justin Rohrwasser Signs With the New England Patriots


The New England Patriots have signed kicker, Justin Rohrwasser, on the 14th pick of the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Rohrwasser will replace Stephen Gostkowski in the 2020 season.


Just Rohrwasser went to Marshall University and started in 13 games in both his junior and senior years. In both years, he also put up 89 kicking points each. In his junior year, he had a kicking percentage of 71.4%, but it increased his senior year. In his senior year, he had a kicking percentage of 85.7%.

Rohrwasser Has a Controversial Tattoo?

Apparently, Rohrwasser has a controversial tattoo on his arm that will not be allowed. Rohrwasser has a tattoo on his left arm that resembles the symbol of a right-wing group called “The Three Percenters.” Rohrwasser got this tattoo when he was a teenager and thought it stood for a military support symbol at the time. He has a lot of family in the military, so he wanted to support them. The “Three Percenters” group says that it isn’t an anti-government militia, but “we will defend ourselves.” The group was founded in 2008 in response to Obama becoming president. This created some allegations of racism against them. The accusations got worse when the group provided security in 2017 for the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which new-Nazis protested alongside other far-right organizations. Rohrwasser says the tattoo is shameful and that he got it ignorantly. He has agreed that he will remove this tattoo before the season starts.


Justin is a well-built kicker who has the leg strength to handle kickoff and should have enough power to hit tries on 50-plus yard attempts. He was extremely accurate in 2019 from 40-plus yards, but that distance has been a problem for him in previous years. He needs to work on getting more lift under his drive kicks to create a more consistent ball flight. He has outstanding size for a kicker and has hit both of his 50-plus yard attempts in 2019. Justin has a below-average lift on his drive kicks and still has much more to prove.

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