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Richard Seymour Becomes Hall of Famer

Richard Seymour is the 30th member of the New England Patriots Hall of Fame. The fans have voted Seymour as the 2020 inductee.

Richard Seymour’s Draft

The New England Patriots drafted Seymour in the 2001 NFL Draft. This was when the Patriots won their first championship. Seymour was the sixth overall pick in the first round. Seymour played defensive lineman and was huge, as he was six feet tall and six inches. He had surprising speed for his size, as he ran a 4.95 second forty. Seymour’s size and speed are what caught Belichick’s eye.


Seymour had an outstanding career. He earned a lot of achievements. In his career, he played in 64 games, racked up 57.5 sacks, made 326 tackles, and forced four total fumbles. It did not take long for him to become one of the NFL’s greatest defensive players. He played eight seasons with the New England Patriots and earned three All-Pro appearances, seven Pro Bowl selections, and three Super Bowl rings.

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