Top 10 plays in Miami Sports over the last decade

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The Corona Virus has halted all major sports for the last couple months, and I thought it’d be a good idea to look back on the Top 10 moments in Miami sports over the last 10 years. The only criteria for the list is that it has to have occurred within the last ten years and be a single play not a moment. So this excludes games such as Dwyane Wade’s return to Miami and other big free agency signings such as the Big 3. Let’s get the list started

#10 Jose Fernandez’s First Homerun

In the final game of his rookie year the most electric moment of the season happened. In Fernandez last game of the season he belted a homer which led to the benches clearing altercation after he starred the home run down. Catcher Brian McCann had some words with a fired up Fernandez when he reached home leading to a moment we will never forget.

#9 Dwyane Wade’s dunk on Kendrick Perkins

Back In 2011 Dwyane Wade threw this poster down on Kendrick Perkins. The spin move leading to this dunk made the move even better. Years later Wade said he was looking to posterize Perkins all game for a dunk Perkins had on Wade earlier in his career. Its easy to say Wade’s will be remembered just a. bit more.

#8 Trajan Bandy Pick 6 vs Notre Dame

College Game day made its return to Miami to see the number seven Hurricanes take on the third ranked Fighting Irish. Miami steam rolled Notre Dame which many believed that the Hurricanes were back to their glory days. This pick six had Hard Rock stadium buzzing as the Hurricanes took a 27-0 lead into halftime with the turnover chain making several appearances throughout.

#7 Hurricanes Lateral Win vs Duke

This last second thrilling controversial win had Miami run crazy with just a couple seconds left on the clock. It was a fun wild finish to a game that didn’t really have much of an impact but cool none the less.

#6 Darrell Langham’s game winning catch

Miami had lost 7 straight games against the Seminoles and sure was looking like it would be eight straight. This last second touchdown shocked Doak Campbell stadium and will go down in Hurricanes history as one of the best plays. Miami is undefeated against FSU since this moment.

#5 Wade’s game winner vs Golden State

During Wade’s last season many memorable moments occurred but this game winner against the defending champs takes it. After getting blocked Wade throw up a prayer and reminded everyone that the American Airlines Arena will forever be his house.

#4 Lebron Destroys Jason Terry

In the midst of the 27 game win streak the Heat traveled to Boston. After a perfect set up pass from Norris Cole, LeBron James threw down a vicious dunk on Jason Terry. James even got a technical for starring down Terry after the play.

#3 Dee Gordon Home Run after Jose Fernandez passing

One of the most emotional plays in the history of sports took place here. Two days after the passing of Marlins Phenom, Jose Fernandez, Dee Gordon stood into the batters box wearing Fernandez’s helmet. He took a pitch mimicking Fernandez’s stance and then proceeded to belt his first home run of the season. This moment brought chills as Gordon rounded the bases in tears making it absolutely incredible.

#2 The Miami Miracle

Another wild play here as the hook and lateral won Miami the game after several pitches. Kenyan Drake outran the defense which included Rob Gronkowski playing safety and falling flat on his face. The season didn’t lead to much but it was a moment Miami will never forget.

#1 Ray Allen “The Shot”

Was this even a question. The most important shot in Miami Heat history happened when Ray Allen saved the season In 2013. This moment still bring back chills every time I watch it. The legacy of the big three era would go down a lot different if not for this.

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