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Should Mike Trout be Considered the Best to Ever Play Without Any Playoff Success?

Mike Trout is already one of the best players to ever play the game of baseball.

Mike Trout without Playoff Success

Trout has the stats and accolades to be a future Hall of Famer. He’s won three MVP awards, Rookie of the Year, and seven Silver Sluggers. He’s made the All-Star game every year of his career so far and has two All-Star MVP’s. Not to mention, he’s also been in the top 10 in offensive WAR every season.

The man does it all on the offensive and defensive side of the ball and is a great teammate and leader.

The one blemish on Trout’s career up to this point is that he hasn’t had much postseason success. The last time Trout was in the playoffs was 2014 where the Angels were swept in the ALDS by the Royals. In that series, Trout was held to one hit (the one hit being a home run).

So the question is: Can Mike Trout still be considered the best to ever play the game, even with little playoff success?

For me, the answer is no. When you think of the best players in professional sports, they’ve all won in the playoffs and eventually won championships.

Michael Jordan won six NBA championships, Wayne Gretzky won four Stanley Cups, Tom Brady has won six Super Bowls. Mike Trout could be added to the list of greats.

Mike Trout without Playoff Success
Photo by Ricardo Zapata

Baseball is different than any other sport, in that you can’t lead a team to success all by yourself. That is why it’s hard to pick who is the greatest baseball player ever to play the game.

It’s one thing to win a championship, but Trout hasn’t won a playoff game. In my opinion, you have to win in the playoffs to be considered the greatest.

Trout may have a tough time making the playoffs in the coming years. The Astros are still the best team in that division, given the balance they have on their pitching staff and lineup. The A’s have a great core of young pitchers and hitters and have one of the best farm systems in the league. They will most likely be taking over the division once the Astros stop winning.

Yes, the Angels have a stacked lineup with many talented pieces, but they still have not addressed the one issue that has plagued them for years. Behind Shohei Ohtani, the Angels really have no proven starters and their bullpen is quite shaky.

In order to have a successful season and go far in the playoffs, you need to have a strong pitching staff. Right now, the Angels have one of the weakest staffs in the league.

Trout and the offense will do their part, but it won’t be enough if the pitching continues to struggle.

You can say Trout is the best regular-season player ever, but in order to be called the greatest baseball player of all time, he has to lead his team to the playoffs and win games.

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