The Unicorn: Isaiah Simmons

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Isaiah Simmons, linebacker, was the 8th overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft. After picking first the year prior, the Arizona Cardinals were looking for more star power. GM Steve Keim landed another beautiful in Simmons.

Coming off an impressive college season with even a better combine, Isaiah Simmons was locked up to be a top ten pick. Standing at six foot four inches and weighing 238 pounds, Simmons is an explosive defender who can play almost anywhere. You heard that right. He played 100 plus snaps at five different positions last season in Clemson.

Floor and Ceiling

Floor: Isaiah Simmons’ floor ultimately lies around an everyday starter. Simmons could fit anywhere on any defense. With zero off-the-field issues and managing to stay healthy, he could easily be a starter immediately.

Ceiling: The ceiling for a guy who was a top ten pick should always be at the “All-Pro” mark. What Isaiah Simmons brings to the table is what every defensive coordinator dreams of, versatility. He can cover tight ends, spy on the quarterback, sack the quarterback, and even stop the run. Simmons could quickly become a superstar in the National Football League.

The Unicorn

Isaiah Simmons, or “Unicorn,” which was his nickname in college, stands out from most college prospects ever. To compare any former or current player to Simmons is an arduous task. He is built like a vertical threat receiver, ran a 4.39 40-yard-dash, and has the physicality of a linebacker. It could be a tough task to turn around Arizona’s lackluster defense, but this was a step in the right direction for the front office. With all this talent, Arizona has zero excuse to not improve their record.

This video features Isaiah Simmons interview with Cardinal personnel at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis

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