Top Five Favorite Chicago Bear Plays of the 2000’s

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Top Five Chicago Bear Plays

What are the Top Five plays for the Chicago Bears? The Chicago Bears since the year 2000 have won their division five times. They also went to one NFC Championship in 2006 backed by one of the best defenses in NFL History. Lead by first-ballot Hall of Famer BrianUrlacher. Let’s take a look at my top favorite plays since the turn of the century.

Play Number Five

The number five play is from the 2001 season is when the defensive lineman Keith Traylor had and an interception. The Bears were playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, who had quarterback Mark Brunell at the time. The Jaguars were driving inside the 25-yard line of the Bears when they decided to call a screen-play. Little did they know that the Bears had a 340 cornerback playing defensive line. Keith Traylor picked off the screen pass and took it 67 yards to inside the ten-yard line. He tried so hard but just could make it all the way to the end zone.

Play Number Four

The number four play was in 2006 against the Arizona Cardinals. That game was one of the best comebacks in NFL History and had a lot of plays to choose from. With that being said, my favorite play from that game was when Urlacher stripped the ball, and Charles Tillman picked it up and brought it in for the touchdown. The Bears were losing 23-10 before that play with a little over five minutes left in the game. That play made it a one-score game and brought all the momentum to the Bears.

Play Number Three

The number three play was in 2003 against the Minnesota Vikings. The Chicago Bears were winning 13-10 with the one minute left in the game with the high powered Vikings offense in the red zone. Daunte Culpepper threw it up the Randy Moss against the Bears rookie second-round pick Charles Tillman. Tillman was then able to “Moss” Randy Moss for the interception for the victory. From that moment, Tillman became one of my all-time favorite Chicago Bear players.

Play Number Two

The second play is from 2001 against the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers were putting it to the Bears with a score of 28-9 in the third quarter. The Bears amazingly came back to force the game to go to overtime. That’s where my number two play comes in. The 49ers won the toss in overtime and elected to receive. They had an all-time great wide receiver in Terrell Owens, but the Chicago Bears had two all-time greats in Brian Urlacher and Mike Brown. Owens ran over the middle and saw Urlacher coming for him and short-armed the ball, forcing it to pop up in the air. That’s where Johnny on the spot Mike Brown grabbed it and scored to win the game for some true Overtime Heroics.

Play Number One

The first play of the decade for the Chicago Bears has to be back in 2006, where the Bears were able to reach the Super Bowl. That game didn’t end the way we all wanted here in Chicago. However, there was a play in that game that had me knowing what it would have felt like to have my favorite team win a championship. It was on the opening play of the Super Bowl, where Devin Hester was ridiculous was again. All the excitement leading up to that game and then to have Hester return it for a touchdown was the happiest moment of my Bears lifetime.

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