Nojel Eastern transfer doesn’t make sense


Nojel Eastern 6’7 Purdue guard transfered to Michigan last Friday. This not only is shocking but it doesn’t make sense either. Nojel transfering to another Big Ten team will not help him due to staying in a huge defensive conference. He didn’t perform well offensively in his three seasons at Purdue although remains a big defensive threat. Nojel had a chance to work on his offensive game if he stepped down to a lower conference like the Atlantic 10.

Will Nojel Eastern play this season?

He will be sitting out this season unless he gets a waiver to become immediately eligible. Most likely he won’t receive much playing time regardless of receiving a waiver.

How bad is it?

Eastern was a four star recruit out of high school but his first three years with Purdue did not fair to well. He played in 104 games in his three seasons with Purdue and started 62 of them. He averaged 7.7 points a game and 5.5 rebounds a game as a Sophomore in Purdue’s elite 8 season in 2018-19.

There are some decent highlights but his main focus is defense.

This past season Eastern’s numbers went down. He dropped to 4.9 points a game and 4 rebounds a game last year.

His career high was 15 points against Northwestern in his Sophomore season. He had three games last season where he scored 14 points but that’s really all he did.

Nojel Eastern was beat out of the starting job by Trayvon Williams this past season. Williams jumped from 4.9 points a game and 3 rebounds freshman year to team leader 11.5 points a game to 7.6 rebounds his sophomore year. Quickly it looks like there is less room for Eastern’s inability to improve on his offense.

Nojel Eastern great defensive player.

Defense has never been a weak spot for Nojel Eastern but his offense has been horrible. In the last three games he played 88 minutes and scored just four points. He needs to improve on his jump shots as he went from 49.9 FG% as a sophomore to 42 FG% junior year. Free throw shooting is a dismal 55.8 % in his career. As a guard he only shot 16 shots beyond the arch and he made three. A three year total shooting 16 threes is not good at all.

What good will come of this transfer?

The best thing for Nojel Eastern is to sit out this season and find his identity. Most likely he will be sitting out if a waiver isn’t involved. Practice on his shooting in all facets on the floor while continuing to get a upper hand on defense. The next season he could show the skills he once possessed in high school and will help the Wolverines with defense and improved offense.

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