Blake Griffin in Possible Three-way Trade

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Blake Griffin in Detroit could be ending soon. When Andre Drummond was traded at the 2020 deadline the Detroit Pistons made it clear they are headed to a rebuild. This will make Blake Griffin expendable due to a rebuild. Blake was never traded due to being injured throughout the whole season. This will generate alot of trade rumors like this one.

Blake Griffin is drawing interest with the 76ers

The latest trade rumor is between the Pistons, the 76ers, and the Pacers. This would give Blake Griffin to the 76ers. Myles Turner and Jeremy Lamb would go from the Pacers to the Pistons. Finally, Al Horford would go from the 76ers to the Pacers and the Pacers would also receive the Pistons first round pick.

Why would this work?

With this trade the 76ers would be able to get out of Al Horford’s contract and replace him with Blake Griffin. The 76ers would have a better and younger talent to pay instead of an older player past their prime. Griffin would be added to a lineup consisting of Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Josh Richardson, and Tobias Harris.

Blake Griffin

The Indiana Pacers will be able to move Myles Turner which has been on the trade block for a while. In return they will get the veteran Al Horford Which can be a better fit at the power forward position. He will also bring leadership and experience to a very young Pacer team. Don’t forget they also will get a first round draft pick to gain a possible star with potential.

The Pistons will receive Myles Turner which is a younger player with a reasonably priced contract that has extreme potential. He hasn’t reached his prime and can be a potential all-star for years to come. Jeremy Lamb will be in the trade for rotational use and depth.


This is just a rumor that makes sense but there are some pitfalls to stop it. Blake Griffin will be the hard part due to his high priced contract and injury history. If the Pistons are looking to rebuild they should not trade a first round pick. This would give them cap flexibility with a rookie contract and get a potentially solid young player. This will help speed up the rebuild process.

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