Chiefs Way too Early Schedule Prediction


What is fun, usually wrong, and grossly optimistic all at the same? A team’s schedule prediction! Here is the Chiefs way to early schedule prediction.

Schedule Run Through

  • Texans-Win
  • Chargers-Win
  • Ravens-Loss
  • Patriots-Win
  • Raiders-Win
  • Bills-Loss
  • Broncos-Win
  • Jets-Win
  • Panthers-Win
  • Raiders-Win
  • Buccaneers-Loss
  • Broncos-Win
  • Dolphins-Win
  • Saints-Win
  • Falcons-Win
  • Chargers-Win

13 wins seems like a lot. But is it really? The Chiefs are returning 20 of 22 starters. They have one of the easiest schedules in the league. They are in prime position to be even better than they were in 2019. These factors make it easy to have a very positive Chiefs schedule prediction.


Since 2015, the Chiefs are 27-3 against the AFC west. The Raiders, Broncos, and Chargers have each beat them once in that span. In that five year span the Chiefs have won the division four times with the one loss being in 2015 in which the Broncos won one more game than them. The three division losses were by a combined nine points. All of this is pointing to Chiefs sheer dominance over the division. They will once again sweep the west.

The Texans have the bark but lack the bite. They have not improved drastically enough to get revenge for the 2019 divisional round beat down. The Patriots will be on the road with an inexperienced quarterback. The Jets and Panthers are not on the same playing level as the Chiefs. Dolphins are in a full rebuild. The Saints game is one of the best matchups in the 2020 season. The Chiefs pull it off in a close shootout as New Orleans cannot contain the speed. The Falcons have the pieces but they have not put it together since 2016.


The three loss predictions have one factor in common; road games. Baltimore will be out to prove that 2019 was not a fluke for them. The Bills are primed to take the next step and they’ll show that they are a real team with a statement win. The Bucs game solely relies on if you believe in Tom Brady or not. It will be a high powered game with lots of points.

Toss Ups

There are a few games that could go either way. The Chiefs could win all three of their predicted losses. Those three games should be close and within reach at all times.

In week 14 the team travels to Denver to face the newly revamped Broncos in prime time. Drew Lock and his receiving core, as well as the Broncos pass rushers, has the potential to spell disaster for Kansas City.

Notable Games

When the Chiefs face the Ravens in week 3 there is a very real possibility that that game will decide the number one seed in the AFC. The Chiefs were able to beat Baltimore last season but the Ravens offense has only improved. This is one of the premier games that could go either way.

The Chiefs are used to overpowering their opponents. It doesn’t matter if you can score 30 because they’ll score 40. A trip to Buffalo will throw that plan on its head. On top of the harsh elements, including the fans, in Buffalo, they have an elite defense. It is nearly impossible to slow the Chiefs offense. Buffalo has the tools to stop it. On the other side of the ball they have a quarterback in Josh Allen who struggles with accuracy but is a play maker. The Bills have completely surrounded him with explosive talent.

The Buccaneers game as the potential to be the most exciting Chiefs game. The Bucs have ridiculous talent on the offensive side of the ball. They had the best rushing defense in 2019. Their one major weakness comes in their secondary. The potential for 80+ points in this game is very real.

Against the Saints we will see one offensive minded coach against another. One deadly deep passer against another one. One top receiver against another one. This game is also in the Super Dome so both offenses will have perfect conditions. The Buccaneers game will see more wild type plays. This game will feature precision passing. Think of it as power vs grace. Game of the year potential in this high flying graceful game.

Overall Season

The Chiefs will cake walk their division once again. Their floor is 12 wins. This team lost no big names in the off season but instead added to their roster. 13-3 and the number one seed in the AFC is my Chiefs schedule prediction.

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