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Jamal Adams Fits How Browns Value Defense

News broke over the holiday that Jamal Adams and the New York Jets are not likely to get an extension done. If Adams hits the trade market, a lot of teams will be vying for his services. One of those teams should be the Cleveland Browns. A lot of fans will mention the cost being too great, but this is where the front office wants its money, so figure it out.

Andrew Berry and his staff value a front/back defense. That means they will invest in the defensive line and the backfield before dropping big money on linebackers. It is all about pass rushing and coverage with this group. Adams is what the Browns want at safety, and it will cost them no matter how long they wait. If Adams fits and is one of the best at his position, why wait around. Berry should throw his best offer out there and walk if it is a no.

Jamal Adams
Safety Jamal Adams has been key to a top six defense this year. Photo: Jim McIsaac/Newsday.

Reasons For the Trade

The most straightforward answer here is Adams is a top 5-10 safety in the NFL. Any team could use that. The Browns should acquire him because they do not currently have a player of his caliber in the secondary, and they need one. While the secondary is full of young talent, none has yet to prove to be a legit star. Adams brings that and the versatility to play anywhere on the field and be productive. Per Pro Football Focus, Adams graded out 78.0 or higher in run defense, rushing, and coverage for two straight seasons. There are very few players that can claim that, especially starters with over 2000 snaps in the past two years.

Adams has also been durable, missing only two games in his first three NFL seasons. Those two games were in 2019 (Foot), but he is only 24 and proven durable. The Browns currently have a lot of what-ifs in the secondary, adding Adams would provide an elite talent and fiery player that could take it to the next level.

Reasons Against the Trade

The answer to this one is as straightforward as the reason to make the trade, money. The Browns have a lot of names that will need to be extended over the 2021-2022 seasons. The new front office will likely need to do some financial trickery to get them all signed. The question for Browns’ fans, and the Browns front office, is where you would put your money? In a player that has a proven all-pro track record or a player that might turn into a great player if they pan out. This answer should be an easy one. While that might be an easy answer, what about Adams’s attitude during this entire saga? Most players that voice things the way Adams has with the Jets don’t tend to stop after they get paid.

Maybe Karl Joseph, Grant Delpit, Sheldrick Redwine, and Andrew Sendejo will be enough.

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