NBA King of the Hill 1-on-1 Tournament: Championship

NBA King of the Hill

We have finally made it to the championship of the NBA King of the Hill 1-on-1 tournament! For those of you who missed how we got to this point and would like explanations why, here are the following links: Click here for the initial round of 64, the following round of 32 here, the sweet sixteen is here, the elite eight is here, and the final four is here.

Special thanks to @ActionNetworkHQ as they are the makers of this tournament.

And before we dive deep into the championship, a quick look at the brackets and how Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant got to this point.

Kawhi Region

durant final four

LeBron Region

NBA King of the Hill Bron REgion

Giannis Region

ad final four

Harden Region

harden final four

The Final Four

NBA King of the Hill Final Four

The Championship

Championship 1

The NBA King of the Hill 1-on-1 Championship

#2: Kevin Durant vs. #2: Anthony Davis

Tale of the Tape

Kevin DurantAnthony Davis
Weight240 lbs.253 lbs.

AD has a sleight wingspan advantage over KD. Davis, listed only thirteen pounds heavier than Durant, also has a minimal weight advantage. It is not enough to give Davis a significant size advantage, but AD still comes into the championship of the NBA King of the Hill 1-on-1 Tournament with a size advantage.

Scoring Advantage

I have stated it throughout the entire tournament, Kevin Durant is one of the greatest scorers in NBA history. His unique combination of size, wingspan, and shooting ability is unparalleled throughout history. That combination has led Kevin Durant to be the scoring champ four times. Anthony Davis has won zero. Over their careers, Durant has averaged 27.0 points per game. Davis has only has averaged 24.0 points per game. AD has been more efficient from the field over his career, 51.7% from the field in comparison to Durant’s 49.7%. However, KD has shot significantly better from beyond the arc throughout his career compared to AD, 38.1% to 31.9%. The volume of shots taken lean slightly to Durant over both their careers as well. So the clear scoring advantage is towards Kevin Durant.

Defensive Advantage

One of these players is a three-time block champ, three-time NBA all-defensive player. The other is not. Anthony Davis has shown he is a versatile defender, defending forwards or centers. He has the quickness, length, and strength to shut down some of the league’s best. There is a clear advantage to Anthony Davis defensively.

Final Word

Sure Kevin Durant has won championships, won Final’s MVPs, and scoring titles, but defense wins championships. With the size advantage and defensive advantage, Anthony Davis comes into this NBA King of the Hill 1-on-1 Tournament Championship with a clear advantage. Even though Durant is one of the game’s greatest scorers in history, he faces off against a young, strong, defensively stout Anthony Davis. Davis has the wingspan to make life tough on Durant offensively, and the strength advantage to have his way in the post. The 1-on-1 match-up between these two would be a spectacle watch. But when it comes down to it, the defensive advantage is too big leaning towards Davis, and the offensive advantage is too close between the two finalists.

Winner: Anthony Davis

A champion has been crowned!

image 12

That caps off the NBA King of the Hill 1-on-1 Tournament. Once again special thanks to the action network for the graphic near the beginning of quarantine.

Thanks to all of you sticking with this tournament through quarantine!

Stay safe out there folks!

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