Roy Jones Answers Nobody’s Challenge, Hints at Wanting Tyson, Holyfield

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Apparently answering a challenge made by nobody, former four-division world champ, Roy Jones Jr. has made it clear that he won’t be “bullied.” Presumably, he “won’t be bullied” by comeback-minded heavyweight  superstars Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Not that either Tyson or Holyfield is actually “bullying him,” of course.

Speaking to one of his fighters, Kevin Newman II, in an Instagram interview, the 51-year-old former pound-for-pound great was directly indirect about his desire to get in on the Tyson/Holyfield sweepstakes.

“I Don’t Like Being Bullied.”

“Let me tell you one thing, just so you all know,” Jones said. “I don’t really mess with people too much, I don’t like to bother nobody. I’m getting older. I love trying to pass what I know down to these guys so they can take what I did, what I knew, and try to add and build on to it. Chris Eubank, Shady [Gamhour], whole class of them, trying just to pass to them what I know and let them add what I know to what they do.

“But, if people bothering me – and I’ve had a few people bothering me lately. I ain’t gonna say a lot of names, but some pretty strong, big guys trying to bully me around. I don’t like being bullied. I will fight you. I know I’m 51 but I will fight somebody over 50. And I ain’t scared to fight nobody, nowhere, at no time. Headgear, no headgear, I don’t care. So just be aware, and be careful what you say.”

It’s pretty obvious here that Jones is talking about the possibility of Tyson or Holyfield. It’s too much of a coincidence that he’d just happen to randomly be calling out over-50 fighters, just as the most bankable over-50 fighters are in training for a comeback of sorts.

The Money Will Be Right

Roy Jones is currently a full-time trainer, working with the likes of Chris Eubank Jr. He last fought in February of 2018 against cruiserweight journeyman Scott Sigmon. So, yeah, it’s not like he won’t come back if the offer is just right. One assumes that the money would be much greater for a fight with Tyson or Holyfield– even if it were an exhibition– than it was for Sigmon.

Another Shot at Making Tyson-Jones?

A one-time WBA heavyweight champ after decisioning John Ruiz in 2003, Jones was once tied to a possible bout with Tyson. The Pensacola, Florida native allegedly turned down a $40 million dollar offer to face “Iron” Mike. Instead, he opted to put the heavyweight challenge on the back burner. He moved back down to light heavyweight to face Antonio Tarver. That decision would come back to haunt Jones. It eventually led to a brutal TKO defeat to Tarver in their second bout.

For the last six or seven years, Jones has fought around the cruiserweight limit of 200 lbs. He has occasionally competed just inside the lowest limits of the heavyweight division. If a challenge were actually issued (and met), Jones would probably give up 30-40 lbs against the soon-to-be 54-year-old Tyson and around 30 lbs. against the 57-year-old Holyfield.

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