Time to Move On For Berry and Company

Photo: Blake Schuster, Bleacher Report

It is time to move on for Andrew Berry and the Browns in the Jadeveon Clowney chase. Based on reports, Clowney already has. According to Adam Schefter, the Browns made a lucrative multi-year offer to the 27-year-old, and Clowney “balked at heading to Cleveland.”

For good measure, here is the entire quote from Schefter on The Next Level Wednesday on ESPN 850. 

“I think they’ve been the most aggressive team with him financially. I just think he has balked at going to Cleveland for whatever reason. I think he’s been hesitant to go because if he wasn’t he would have gone already because it’s the most money. It’s the richest offer on the table and he hasn’t taken it. Why is that? I don’t know. Is that not wanting to be in that city? Is that a lack of belief in the organization? I don’t know what it is. There’s no doubt that Cleveland has offered the most money to date. For whatever reason, he has not been willing to take it so far. That doesn’t mean that it couldn’t change, but it hasn’t changed just yet.”

– Adam Schefter

Earlier this offseason, I wrote that Clowney could be the cherry on top for Andrew Berry. I also asked if it was the right cherry. If this is the attitude of the player, then it is not the right cherry. Clowney clearly does not want to be in Cleveland, so it is time to move on to someone who does or stick with what you have. If this organization wants to move on from the ineptness that has plagued it for 20+ years, it does not need to chase players that are just using them as leverage or just flat out don’t want to be there. Players want to get paid, we all understand that, but when a player signs solely for the money those deals rarely end up a good idea. That is especially true when you hear stories like this one leak out.

Questions Surrounded Clowney Already

Questions were surrounding Clowney’s health and if his production is worth a big contract in the first place. The fact he possibly balked at going to Cleveland means there is no longer any reason for anyone in the city to want Clowney in brown and orange. Berry and company should take all that money and find themselves a couple of veteran linebackers, or maybe a top-shelf safety?

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