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Born in Ukraine, it wasn’t until recently that Lethwei came into the life of Oleksandr ‘Sasha’ Moisa. As an avid martial artist In his early days, Sasha started his martial arts journey through the art of judo. It was at 16 years old that Sasha really found his way forward in the world of martial arts with Muay Thai.

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The majority of Sasha’s time was spent at Thai Fight. He built his formidable reputation with knockouts over Keo Rumchang and Saensatharn Klong Saun Plu Resort. All of Sasha’s hard work and dedication to Muay Thai paid off when he beat Bangpleenoi Petchyindee for the WMC Super Welterweight Title.


His ONE Championship debut was against the experienced Jo Nattawut. It wasn’t to be Sasha’s day as Jo put him away with a knockout in the third round.

Sasha was scheduled to a match with another experienced veteran of Muay Thai at ONE: Age of Dragons in Yodsanklai Iwe Fairtex, but he had to withdraw from the fight. Sasha’s actual return came at ONE Warrior Series 10 against Shahzaib Rindh.

Sasha worked at his opponent patiently, pulling off a knockout in the third round.


Sasha’s first appearance for World Lethwei Championship WLC was in the form of local favorite Shwe Yar Man at WLC: Mighty Warriors. With a current Lethwei record of 25-7, it didn’t go the way of the experienced fighter Yar Man, as Sasha knocked Yar Man out in the third round.

The impressive performance slingshotted Sasha straight into a title fight against Artur Saladiak.

They met as the co-main event of WLC: King of Nine Limbs, Saladiak was more threatening in terms of power. However, Sasha prioritized precision over power and bit by bit took apart Saladiak over 5 rounds, where


I recently managed to catch up with WLC Light Middleweight World champion, WMC Super Welterweight Muay Thai world champion Sasha Moisa, where I got to delve into his career, I’d like to thank Sasha for this opportunity.

Being from Ukraine you wouldn’t normally associate Lethwei with Ukrainian people how did Lethwei come about?

Sasha – “In Ukraine not many people know about Lethwei. I only found out about Lethwei when training in Thailand, from other fighters. It’s was for me dangerous and interesting. And I’m just try myself in this sport.”

What is it about Lethwei that attracted you to it?

Sasha – “Entertainment, danger, strong and persistent fighters from around the world who are not afraid to test themselves in this sport.”

What was it like growing up? What sort of things did you participate in and when did martial arts start?

Sasha – “Initially in school-age I was practicing judo and at 16 I went to Muay Thai training and still practice martial arts until now.”

You have had 3 fights for one championship as well as fighting for WLC how did one championship happen and how does it all work for you representing both companies?

Sasha – “Both companies have hard contracts, but they have common points and can agree with each other.”

Last fight you won the championship from Artur Saladiak how did that feel winning that fight and taking the belt?

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Moisa dropping Saladiak on his way to winning WLC Championship

Sasha – “I was preparing hard for this fight and knew that Arthur was a tough guy. I Was ready for a difficult fight, After spending a large amount of time in the gym, the best feeling after the fight is that the training went right and the efforts are fully justified”

With potentially long successful career ahead of you for both WLC and ONE what is it your planning on achieving with both promotions?

Sasha – “For WLC I want hold the title as long as possible. For One , I want get a title shot and get the gold.”

Recently on social media both Artur Saladiak and new WLC fighter, Toby Bindon have been promoting a fight which they hope will be a number 1 contender fight. What do you think of both of these fighters as potential opponents of yours for your championship and who would you rather take on?

Sasha – “I will fight with any of them.  let them solve their problems first.”

What advice would you give any child growing up wanting to get into your career?

Sasha – “only perseverance and hard work works in this sport.  There are no easy ways.”

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