Marcus Stroman’s Best Fit

After the 2020 season Mets pitcher, Marcus Stroman could hit the open the market for the first time in his young career, barring an extension with the Mets. The Mets acquired Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays in a surprising 2019 trade deadline deal. The former first overall pick could be an intriguing pick up for any team. But who is Marcus Stroman’s best fit?


What can Stroman fetch in the open market? He is a strong pitcher and former Blue Jays ace. He has All-Star potential making one All-Star game in 2019. Based on Stroman’s 2019 statistics he had similar numbers to Colorado Rockies pitcher Jon Gray and New York Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. The gap between both their contracts is massive Gray making $5,600,00 per season and Tanaka making $22,000,000 per season. Although there is a big gap between the two, Stroman should be able to fetch somewhere in the middle from the right team.

The Fit

Marcus Stroman’s best fit would be a contender or a team that is a couple of players away from being able to compete. The Los Angeles Angels are an intriguing team. Los Angeles has superstars Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, and new addition Anthony Rendon. Los Angeles is due for a run soon but lacks pitching. There is no one better than Stroman to spark the pitching surge for the Angeles. He would immediately jump into the middle of the rotation and still be able to be an All-Star. Stroman is the man the Angeles may need to compete in the AL West.

Rumored Teams

Although there is no guarantee Stroman hits the open market, the rumor mill has started. Stroman’s father has openly stated that he would like to pitch for the Yankees. Stroman grew up a Yankees fan, this move should not come as a surprise but with the Yankees strong pitching staff, it could be an unlikely move. The young up and coming Chicago White Sox have begun circulating the Stroman Rumours as of late. Other teams to watch for would be the Minnesota Twins and Los Angles Dodgers.

As it is still a way too early to make assumptions on where Stroman will end up in 2021 it could be an interesting storyline in the offseason. Stroman will likely be looking for a long-term deal but if the season does not start his best option may be a bridge deal. A bridge deal would give the Angeles a huge opportunity to see if they are indeed a playoff team.

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