Ross Houston – Inverness to World Champion?

Ross ‘The Hitman’ Houston is just one of many up-and-coming fighters from Scotland. He’s already a Cage Warriors Champion and is on track to make his debut in his first worldwide-known promotion. With his eyes firmly set on the world title, he is potentially the most exciting young fighter coming out of Scotland.

After capturing Cage Warriors gold, Ross Houston thought he was a fight away from a contract with a major promotion in the UFC, knowing all he had to do was defeat UFC veteran Nicolas Dalby. The fight didn’t quite go to plan. It was a back and forth contest that had to be stopped by the ref in the third round. The sheer amount of blood pouring from both men had made the mat far too slippy to compete on. His big promotion move came a few months later though, as he got a move to Bellator, where he’s set his sights on his first major world title.

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Houston and Dalby side by side before their bout


How does it feel to have signed for Bellator after coming through at Cage Warriors?

RH: It feels good! I’ve got a new set of challenges in front of me and another major title to win!

How quickly do you think you can be in the title picture?

RH: I’ll have the belt within 4/5 fights.

Is it difficult trying to find a start in Scotland in MMA? What are the facilities like and the regional scene?

RH: Not at all, especially now. When I first moved to Inverness there wasn’t too much going on, but up in the Highlands now, we’ve got an amazing setup.

Have you noticed a rise in the growth of MMA in Scotland, with the standard of guys seeming to be growing with more and more guys being signed to big promotions?

RH: I feel that standard is definitely rising, which is really good. If you’re doing things right though it should do really. Each generation can pass on knowledge to the next that took them years to acquire. We’ve got some solid talent in the major promotions now & I feel there’s going to be a few new Scottish champions in the coming years.

Your last fight, against Nicolas Dalby, he was Ex-UFC at the time and has since been re-signed by them. Did he feel like a step up in competition?

RH: Dalby was a step up in competition for sure, but that’s what I want. No backwards, easy match-ups. I didn’t feel out of place against him. I know if we rematched I would get my hand raised. He’s been re-signed to the UFC & beat a top-15 guy in his debut, so I feel it shows the level I can operate at.

Do you have anyone specific in mind for your Bellator debut?

RH: I was matched against a top-10 for my debut which was meant to be in Chicago on June 6th, but this has been cancelled with the travel bans. I’d like to fight a high-level guy. Maybe MVP, Enkamp, or Larkin. The main thing is getting back in there ASAP right now though to get the ball rolling.

When are you looking to get back in there?

RH: Sooner the better.

What’s the variation of sparring like in Scotland? Being Scottish myself, I know there’s not a wrestling culture or grappling culture like in some countries.

RH: The standard is high-level enough. I get really good training & sparring at my gym HMAC in Inverness but also travel south to spar at team Renegade often, as well as getting in some good rounds with fellow Scottish Bellator fighter, Chris Duncan.

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With his last fight with Dalby being a bloodbath that would captivate anybody, and his callous of MVP, Larkin or Enkamp, Ross Houston’s next fight is almost certain to be a cracker. The 8-0 (1NC) rising star is someone that everyone should be taking notice of, and fast.

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