Pacquiao vs. Crawford Makes Sense and Cents

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Manny Pacquiao vs. Terence Crawford started out as a rumor. Then, it progressed to a possibility. Now, it appears that it’s actually, legitimately being discussed.

In recent days, word has spread that this major welterweight showdown is being negotiated. There’s even a likely host to the event– the Middle East nation of Bahrain. The amazing part of this possibility is that, just a few years ago, when both fighters were under the same Top Rank promotional banner, it wasn’t even realistically on the radar. Word at the time had the Filipino Icon flat-out rejecting the bout. Supposedly, it was too much risk for too little reward for Manny.

Now, apparently, things have changed. The operative word, though, is apparently, because sometimes a big fight like this is dangled out to the hungry media to hype a lesser fight on the horizon. But, this time, everybody seems to be saying the right things to make one believe it’s real.

Crawford, a no-nonsense man not accustomed to sleight of hand bluster, has spoken publicly about the efforts to make the fight.

“We’ve been in contact with [promoter] Bob [Arum] and Manny’s men: they want the fight, we want the fight,” Crawford said on DAZN’s AK & Barak Show. “Basically, we’re trying to figure out the money situation.”

That’s hardly a sure thing assessment, but it’s closer to one than we’ve ever gotten when it comes to Pacquiao-Crawford.

Crawford promoter Bob Arum, who IS prone to sleight of hand bluster, has been talking a lot about it.

“We hope we get Crawford and Pacquiao in action this year and through our friends at MTK [Global], we are in serious talks with Bahrain for doing major fights there,” Arum told boxing YouTube channel iFL TV on Tuesday. “I would love to do some big, big events in Bahrain.

“Let’s see what happens. Everything is likely, everyone wants to do these big events until it comes time to put up the money! But I think with Bahrain we’ve got a good shot at getting it done.”

Pacquiao-Crawford in Bahrain certainly makes major sense at the moment. Following the Covid-19 shutdown of boxing and the tentative steps going forward in the comeback, a major fight pretty much has to take place outside the jurisdiction of the US and Europe. The foreign hosting may make logistics easier to tackle for the event. There might even be spectators allowed. It’ll also provide guaranteed money for everyone involved– perhaps THE biggest reason to hold the fight there and not inside the mega-insecure US market.

Whatever the case, making this fight definitely makes sense. It’ll be a heck of a contest, too. This one is a win-win for fans, fighters, and promoters. Get it done, Get it on the schedule.

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  • Larry says:

    Pacquiao rejecting a Crawford fight is a big BS! He’ll fight anyone and fought everyone from 112 to 147. He even fought Margarito at 154 and has a weight disadvantage of 20 lbs during the fight. He will fight King Kong if he’s available..

  • Reuben says:

    2015, Bob Arum was still protecting his investment Crawford, that’s why he didn’t show interest.
    2020, Bob Arum thinks Manny can be defeated and Bud is ready.
    If he doesn’t make it happen before Errol, Manny’s legacy might go to Errol.

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