Michigan Wolverines Recruits Recap


It has been a long time since there has been some news on the Michigan recruiting front. This past week has had more than its fair share of news with three recruits committing to play at Michigan in their future.

Junior Colson: Outside Linebacker

Junior Colson is a four-star recruit, and the 116th ranked prospect in the country. Which makes him the third-highest ranked in Michigans recruiting class. He is a jack of all trades kind of player who will most likely be a future viper linebacker that the Michigan defense covets so much.

Jaydon Hood: Inside Linebacker

Jaydon Hood is another four-star linebacker who committed to Michigan this week. Unlike Colson, Hood plays in the middle and is a downhill kind of linebacker. Hood is considered a thumper and had 115 tackles this past season for his team, in Fort Lauderdale FL. Hood is expected to take over at the Mike linebacker spot, sooner rather than later in his college career.

Kechaun Bennett: Defensive End

Kechaun Bennett is the last but not least four-star commit this week. Some say he will try his hand at the Viper position as well as he will compete with Colson. Bennett is rated as the 329th best overall recruit while being the 21st ranked defensive end.

With these three additions on defense and all four-star recruits, Michigan’s recruiting class moves into the fifth overall spot, while still being No.2 in the Big Ten to Ohio State. There are more rumors pouring in about potential recruits joining the Wolverines but that’s all for now.


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