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30 Days of MLB Rankings: Right Fielders 20-11

Ladies and Gentlemen: 30 days, 30 MLB position rankings. Nine positions and the top starting pitcher ranked from each team in three parts each. Each player on the list is based on the projected starter for a team for the 2020 season by position. On day twenty-three of this series, we’ll look at the MLB right fielders ranked from 20-11. 

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20. Nomar Mazara, Chicago White Sox

2019: 116 games, .268/.318/.469 splits, .786 OPS, 19 Home Runs, 66 RBIs

During the first four years of his career with the Rangers, Nomar Mazara showed flashes of excellence but was never able to put it together for a full season. Mazara has a lot of power and hits absolute bombs. However, he isn’t always aggressive at the plate, having never hit more than 20 in a season. It will be interesting to see how he performs with his new team in 2020.  

19. Anthony Santander, Baltimore Orioles

2019: 93 games, .261/.297/.476 splits, .773 OPS, 20 Home Runs, 59 RBIs

After getting the chance to see the field in 2019, Anthony Santander played well, putting up career highs across the board. While he has some power, he needs to improve at drawing walks. He only walked 19 times in over 400 plate appearances, with OBP below .300 on the season. In right field, he’s just above league-average as he recorded an Rdrs of 5 last season. 

18. Avisail Garcia, Milwaukee Brewers

2019: 125 games, .282/.332/.464 splits, .796 OPS, 20 Home Runs, 72 RBIs

After a solid year with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2019, Avisail Garcia signed a one-year deal with Milwaukee in free agency. Since he has never played more than 11 games in a season in left field, Garcia projects to take Christian Yelich’s spot in right, moving Yelich to left. At the plate, Garcia has some power, while also hitting for a high average.   

17. Adam Eaton, Washington Nationals

2019: 151 games, .279/.365/.428 splits, .792 OPS, 15 Home Runs, 49 RBIs

After injury-plagued years in 2017 and 2018, Adam Eaton was able to play a full season in 2020. Eaton has always been a solid contact hitter but doesn’t ever project to hit more than 20 home runs in a season. His speed is one of his best attributes; he stole 15 bases in 2019. Defensively, he’s just below league-average, having posted an Rdrs of -3 in right last season.  

16. Jason Heyward, Chicago Cubs

2019: 147 games, .251/.343/.429 splits, .772 OPS, 21 Home Runs, 62 RBIs

Despite putting up solid numbers last season, Jason Heyward has been extremely disappointing after he signed a massive 8 yr 184M deal with Chicago in 2016. Heyward has always made headlines for his spectacular defense in right field. While still above league-average, Heyward is no longer at the gold glove level he was a few years ago in the field.  

15. Mike Yastrzemski, San Francisco Giants

2019: 107 games, .272/.334/.518 splits, .852 OPS, 21 Home Runs, 55 RBIs

After getting called up in May, Mike Yastrzemski proved he was more notable than just his family history. Grandson of the great Carl Yastrzemski, Mike hit 21 home runs last season, while posting an OPS well above .800. The biggest concern regarding Yastrzemski is that he is already 30 years old after being a 29-year-old rookie. It will be interesting to see how he follows up his strong rookie year in 2020.   

14. Mitch Haniger, Seattle Mariners

2019: 63 games, .220/.314/.463 splits, .778 OPS, 15 Home Runs, 32 RBIs

After an all-star season in 2018, Mitch Haniger struggled in 2019 at the plate. His season was ultimately cut short by a horrific ruptured testicle injury and he only played 63 games last season. However, one bad season does not define Haniger as a player. He showed back in 2018 that he can play a huge role for the Mariners and hit for power. Haniger is hoping to regain his 2018 form in 2020.   

13. Kole Calhoun, Arizona Diamondbacks

2019: 152 games, .232/.325/.467 splits, .792 OPS, 33 Home Runs, 74 RBIs

After spending the first eight years of his career with the Los Angeles Angels, Kole Calhoun signed a two-year deal to join the Diamondbacks. Having been a below-average hitter for the first few years of his career, Calhoun broke out at the plate in 2019, hitting a career-high of 33 home runs. He’s great in the field in right as well, having won a gold glove back in 2015. 

12. Randal Grichuk, Toronto Blue Jays

2019: 151 games, .232/.280/.457 splits, .738 OPS, 31 Home Runs, 80 RBIs

Throughout his career, Randal Grichuk has been known as a second-half of the year type of player. 2019 was no different as he raised his OPS above .800 for the final two months of the season after struggling at the start of the year. He has a lot of power but needs to work on drawing more walks. Despite playing a lot of center field last year, he projects to play right in 2020.  

11. Hunter Dozier, Kansas City Royals 

2019: 139 games, .279/.348/.522 splits, .870 OPS, 26 Home Runs, 84 RBIs

Haven’t heard of Hunter Dozier? I can assure you that you aren’t alone. Despite attracting little to no attention, Dozier had a breakout year in 2019, putting up career-highs across the board. He can hit for a solid average while also hitting 26 home runs. Last season, Dozier primarily played at third base. However, he’ll move to right field for 2020 after the team signed Maikel Franco.

Come back tomorrow for my top ten right field ranking!

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