Marlins Select First Pitcher in 2020 Draft

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The Miami Marlins possessed the third overall pick in the 2020 MLB draft. Seeing that the Marlins finished last of the 15 teams in the NL in pitching, it was evident that they were going after a young arm. This particular MLB draft supported a heavy dose of high level pitchers, in which teams hope that’s true. 

With the first pick of the draft, the Detroit Tigers selected Spencer Torkelson (3B). And right before the Marlins, the Baltimore Orioles chose Heston Kjerstad (OF). With those respective prospects being taken off the board, Miami went with the first pitcher in the draft. Max Meyer (RHP). Hailing from Minnesota, Meyer was pegged by the Marlins for many months before. The front office called him “the most athletic college pitcher in this draft, with the most electric stuff.”


Stats (Minnesota)

2018: 26 G, W/L (2-3, .400), 2.27 ERA, 54 SO, .870 WHIP

2019: 16 G, W/L (5-3, .625), 2.11 ERA, 87 SO, 1.017 WHIP

(Unfinished) 2020: 4 G, W/L (3-1, .750), 1.95 ERA, 46 SO, .831 WHIP




It’s a shame that Covid-19 abruptly ended the college baseball season. You see why in the 2020 stats for Max, as he was projected his best season to date. Nonetheless, the Marlins have got their man, in what will go down one of the weirdest drafts in MLB history. 

Meyer’s repertoire consists of some high quality stuff that has the Marlins raving. A high 90s fastball, topping out at 101 mph, he can definitely keep up with the demand for strong arms today. A handful of experts label Meyer’s slider to be the best in the class, and lastly a change-up that could prove handy from time to time. 

As Max jumped up the boards last night, it’s no doubt a quality pick for Miami. A team who has once again, finished at the end of pitching throughout the league. This young prospect, as of right now, could be a top tier arm in the organization within the next couple years.

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