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Things are heating up at Overtime Heroics. With more and more writers joining the site each week, we are growing in not just quantity but quality, especially in the Northwest Division.

As the Senior Writer for my teams respective division (Northwest) I have been tasked with assembling a team (Nick Fury style) of writers representing each team. While the search still continues for a Utah Jazz fan, or someone to cover the Denver Nuggets, I have been lucky enough to fill more than half of our division. In this collaborative debut piece, and in honor of the NBA now officially continuing its season in Disney World we decided to get a little weird. I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Now. Let’s. Get. WEIRD.

Dylan: My name is Dylan Huntzinger. I have been a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder since 2010 when I saw a group of energetic, young athletes come together to push the great Kobe Bryant (Rest in the most peace) to 6 games in the 2nd year of their conception. Even though I live in Kentucky, the passion I have for the Wildcats I share for the Thunder. You can follow me on Twitter @ThunderChats

Vivan: My name is Vivan Singhal. I originally started off as a fan of the local Golden State Warriors, but by 2015 I had become a huge Damian Lillard and Trailblazers fan. Dame’s connection to the bay certainly helped facilitate that, but watching him play really got me into basketball. My favorite part about the Trailblazers is the underdog mentality and mental toughness we play with. Our team never quits, which is something I respect. The energy is reflected in the fans’ attitudes as well. I think Blazers fans are some of the most loyal and energetic out there. Follow my Twitter @Prime_Dame_Time.

Zach: My name is Zachary Papa, I was born and raised in Minnesota. I’ve been a timberwolves fan since I was about 5 years old, I’m a true die hard fan. Never once have I given up on them. My favorite game of all-time is during the 2017-2018 season when we defeated the Nuggets to make the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. The hype, the energy, the crowd, the game itself,  it was definitely the best game I’ve ever witnessed. Besides that, i’m a Vikings fan as well, I’ve played basketball since 2nd grade, I also played baseball as well for quite a while but then quit to pursue my love for basketball.

Follow my Twitter @TwolvesFP

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Tyler: My name is Tyler McConnell. I’m a Minnesotan and I’ve been a Timberwolves fan since I can remember. My favorite part about being a fan of the Timberwolves was the crowd energy and pure excitement in Target Center during the 2017-18 playoffs when the wolves played their first home playoff game in 14 years. I also play Baseball and love the Dodgers and love to watch Football watching the hometown Vikings. Make sure to follow me @WolvesGotNext on twitter to catch up on any Timberwolves news!


Round 1:

Vivan: Maleficient. Who’s guarding her? She can fly, do cool laser things, turn other people into cats or goats. I don’t see anyone stopping her effectively with the ball in her hands. 

Zach: Mr. Incredible. He’s ridiculously strong! He can play the post and guard anybody, he’s unstoppable. He can lift 66 tons!!! I don’t think there’s one person who can get around him.

Tyler: Dash. Nobody can catch up to him if he drives on you and he’s athletic enough to the point he’d be a tough person to guard in the paint. 

Dylan I’m going with Maui here. According to Google, Moana is a staggering 7’6” tall. We’re talking Kristaps Porzingis size here. But if you look at a side by side, Maui is head-and-shoulders above her. Couple that size with the fact that Maui can shape shift, and all the feats that he has accomplished in his life and it’s pretty clear. Think Zion Williamson, but if Zion was the size of freaking Optimus Prime. I mean the demi-god said it himself, “Don’t mess with Maui when he’s on the breakaway.”

Round 2: 

Dylan: James P. Sullivan. What does Sully have in common with Moana? That’s right, he is also 7’6”. Unlike Moana however, Sully is an absolute unit weighing in at 500 lbs. That pure strength down low would be reminiscent of prime Shaq. Teaming him up with Maui makes an impressive set of twin towers down low, good luck scoring inside. I’m not scared to draft back to back bigs here.

Tyler: for my second pick, I’m going with the Incredible Hulk because of his teamwork to get the job done and his pure strength. He’s going to make a great fit for the paint because while other people can’t back him down, he can back them down with ease.

Zach: For my 2nd pick, I’m going with another Incredibles character… FROZONE! His speed will make sure he can get passed anyone. And to go along with his quickness and athleticism, he has a good relationship with Mr. Incredible, they’ll make an unbeatable duo.

Vivan: For my 2nd pick, I’ll take Elsa. She can freeze people and probably use her ice powers to cause havoc on defense. She can also create easy paths to the hoop by simply freezing the defense and taking a couple shots until she makes one.

Round 3:

Vivan: For my 3rd pick, I’ll take Poseidon. The Greek God of Water is huge and ridiculously powerful. He can sweep offenses and defenses away, and he can create earthquakes to cause disruptions on both ends as well. Also his shot is probably water so yeah.

Zach: For my 3rd pick, I’m taking Mufasa from the Lion King. He shows confidence and intelligence, which will be needed on the court. He’s a great leader who can teach and make his teammates better. He’s also extremely loyal.

Tyler: For my third pick, I’m going to have to go with Hercules. I like the duo down low with him and the hulk with their strength and size, but what stands out with Hercules is the fact he is also very athletic. He can guard both forward positions and he’s going to be an amazing post player down low as well. 

Dylan: Spider-Man. Honestly after Hulk was picked, reminding people that Marvel is part of Disney, I’m surprised Peter Parker made it this far. Spidey will run point in this fantasy dynasty I am building. He has superhuman agility, the proportional strength of a spider, effortless athleticism, and can LITERALLY put the ball on a string. But his most powerful attribute is his most unique power. Spidey sense. With his unmatched awareness he will not only be able to react at a high level, but he will literally see the game before it happens. He will know exactly what he needs to do, and what exactly is the right decision. My spidey sense is telling me this is a late round steal.

Unknown 1
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Round 4

Dylan: Elastigirl. While she had to sit back and watch as her husband, son, and friend were drafted ahead of her Helen Parr might have the best basketball skill set of them all. With the ability to stretch her extremities in a variety of seemingly endless ways she becomes a nightmare for opposing offenses. Her creativity in the heat of battle, and her upbeat attitude lends greatly to her teamwork and team chemistry. She’s like Giannis Antetokounmpo if Giannis was a girl and could expand his (or I guess her) hand the width of the entire court. I know I might get some resistance since she is a female, but to that I say, you need to be more flexible. 

Tyler: Since I have my bigs locked up, I’m going for another guard and I have a feeling she’s gonna be a great perimeter defender and will be quick enough again to drive to the basket just like dash. I’m going with Rey also because she can use the force and I feel (haha, feel, the force, you get it?)  like that’s gonna be a game changer in the clutch if we need it.

Zach: Black Panther. He has superhumanly acute senses, superhuman ability, super strength, and he’s very intelligent. Definitely a needed player to have on the roster. He’s one hell of a leader.

Vivan: Thor. He can fly, do hammer things, use lightning, is super strong, etc. Therefor, nobody is stopping him when he drives to the rim.

Round 5

Vivan: Jack Skellington. Super agile, near invincible, tall, and strong. Like Manute Bol if he could play like Prime Hakeem. Also has an intimidation factor.

Zach: Mickey Mouse is definitely an underrated pick. He’s one of the most powerful Disney characters by far. For example; elemental manipulation, martial arts, teleportation, attack reflection, weapon mastery, superhuman physical characteristics, and he can do magic. He’s powerful, a popular fan favorite, nobody can defeat Mickey.

Tyler: For my SF I’m going to have to go with the beast from beauty and the beast. Quick and agile along with superhuman strength are key factors in a SF and the beast had those perfect qualities in him. His intimidation on the defensive side will also be a key factor because he will have to be interchangeable guarding shooters and post players.

Dylan Merida. I have speed in Spider-Man. Strength in Sully. Explosiveness only Maui. Versatility in Elastigirl. What my team lacks now is a deadeye shooter. There is no better choice than the Scottish princess. Need proof? Watch the scene in Brave where she shoots for her right to not marry any of the perspective princes. She casually nails the bullseye on three separate targets. While on the move. While in a dress. Not to mention, her aim is so true that she FREAKING SPLIT AN ARROW (that was on the bullseye mind you) DOWN THE FREAKING MIDDLE. That kind of marskmanship (er, markswomanship?) is a skill you can’t ignore in basketball, making this pick right on target.

Final round

Dylan Stitch. In search for a sixth man I wanted to find someone with the agility of Spider-Man, the strength of Sully, the explosiveness of Maui, and the shooting ability of Merida. Experiment 626 is the obvious choice. He is bulletproof. Thusly, he can take contact at the rim. He can think faster than a super computer. In addition, he will demonstrate a high basketball IQ. He can lift up to 3000 times his weight.

So he would be able to more than hold his own defensively. He is skilled with a blaster, so he can shoot. He has FOUR arms. Therefore he can do things with the ball no one else can. To top it all off he can transform his body into a ball to confuse the opposing teams. In saying all of this, I’m shocked he lasted to the final round, but hey “Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” I didn’t forget. 

Tyler: For my 6th man, I HAVE to go with the Genie from Aladdin. Versatile and can guard any position plus he would be an amazing spark off the bench providing us with a lot of help if one of our starters get injured.

Zach: I have strength, speed, athleticism, and size. All I need is a shooter. And that shooter is Hawkeye. He’s an exceptional marksman and acrobat. He has ridiculous accuracy on any weapon he touches!

Vivan: With my final pick, I’ll choose Kaa the snake. With hypnosis, Kaa can literally stop any offense or defense. Plus Kaa’s size would help in the paint and on defense.

So there you have it! This is the guys, and this is our fantasy Disney teams! 

Who has the best squad? Who did we miss? Let us know! Hope you enjoyed! 

Darren Jeans
Darren Jeans resides in Memphis, Tennessee. As a sports writer, he has been writing for over 5 years. His passion has always been to cover basketball at all levels. As the Director of Basketball Operations here at Overtime Heroics, he has pushed all of his writers to excel the norm when it comes to publishing work.

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