Florida Mutineers Take Home CDL Minnesota

The last time we saw the Mutineers was at their own home series, CDL Florida, where they went down 0-2 with losses to New York and Minnesota. This time around, they were a perfect 4-0, mustering their way past Chicago, Los Angeles (Guerillas), Dallas and Atlanta. They defeated the top 3 teams and became the 4th team to win a 2nd home event. Other than Florida taking home the top spot, CDL Minnesota was everything we did not expect it to be. Seattle Surge almost defeated on Faze opening night before completing a reverse sweep of their own. The SnD Bandits finished an event top 4 after multiple 7-8 finishes. Chicago finished top-6 3 weeks after a home event win and the Minnesota ROKKR continue to struggle.

Florida Stays Strong

Last time we saw Florida, they went out early Saturday afternoon at their own home series. This time around was the opposite. They won, won, and won all weekend and showed they are a top-4 team in this league, being the 4th team to win 2 home series. New addition Owakening proved to be a key part of the squad addition, as they are now 4-0 with him on the roster. The team played as a unit and a team all weekend, getting past all 3 juggernauts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, giving them the full 50 points in the standings.

Surge, Surged?

At our last home event, CDL Seattle, Seattle went 0-2, disappointing a lot of people given the talent they have. Before CDL Minnesota, Karma retired, Proto slid in to start and they were up 2-0 on Faze without a blink.

Then, there was this delay and things turned in favor of Faze. They completed the reverse sweep and again Surge fans were let down after they gave them the slimmest of hope. Octane took to Twitter and voiced his obvious frustrations which resulted in a lot of good memes and laughs on his Twitter. Anyways, Surge moved onto the knockout pool and returned the favor to ROKKR, reverse-sweeping them and setting up a date with the Empire before ultimately getting 3-0ed by them. Anyways, as weeks continue to go on and the team scrims more from Proto, who knows what full potential we can get from Surge.

Chicago Became Hunted

After sweeping their way to a home series win at CDL Seattle, Chicago won one series this weekend and that was against a team in the bottom 3 of the standings in Toronto. Things just did not go the Huntsmen way, as they lost to the Guerillas and the Mutineers on Friday and Saturday, failing to make Sunday. Things were disappointing for their fans, as we thought we could finally see an Atlanta-Chicago matchup; however, we were let down and will just have to wait another day.

Minnesota Gets Rocked

It seems as if Minnesota keeps getting worse and worse as we go. They haven’t seen a Sunday, top 4 since CDL Dallas. While they did have a little unfortunate thumb injury from Alexx on Saturday forcing a substation with a player they have not scrim’s with, they still should have gotten past the Surge forcing a rematch with Dallas. They have been all over the place and have not been able to win matches even though they are taking series’ the distance. There might not have to be a roster change to be made, but something internally has got to change.

FaZe Looked Vulnerable

All year long, everyone has talked about the juggernaut that is Atlanta FaZe. This weekend they looked very beatable. Every series besides the one with Florida went 5 games and they almost got upset by both Seattle and LA. Priestahh talked about not having his A-game all weekend, but it was FaZe as a whole. This was the first event where FaZe did not have all 5 members on. It was aBeZy going off or Simp, but it was never 4 or 5 at a time, it was 1 or 2 this weekend.

Give it up for LAG

What an event for the Guerillas. Having 30 points prior to this event, they added 20 to that total this weekend. We knew how good of a team they were at search, as they were the 3rd best search team.  However, for basically the first weekend all year, they finally got past group stage and knockout making a Sunday. They were winning dominations and hardpoints modes they usually get pieced in. It was a good weekend for LA and it showed that going forward to champs that they have some promise.

Moving to CDL Paris

As we all know, the event, unfortunately, isn’t actually in Paris. However, the event still goes on, online. This an event that will see our recent champs Florida, as well as two of the powerhouses in Dallas and Atlanta. New York and OpTic Gaming are also back this weekend after they showed lots of promise in the two past events. If this weekend is anything like last weekend, we are in for a good Call of Duty weekend. And, for early predictions, I think OpTic Gaming LA comes out swinging, winning their first event with their newly formed team.

Come back next week for a CDL Paris recap, and next weekend, my very own CDL rankings, as we will have a good understanding where every team should stand. Let’s hope CDL Paris is equally as interesting as CDL Minnesota.

As always, follow me on Twitter at @mikekormanik and click here to read my recap of CDL Seattle, COD’s last home series.

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